Monday 31 August 2015

Virgo Planets Opposing Neptune/Pisces ... inspiring or de-stabilising the plan .

When Planets from Virgo oppose planets in Pisces there is either practical inspiration leading almost to mysterious problem solving, or there is a surrendering of free will or there is a loss of ground resulting from de-stabilisation ...

We see this September an aspect where the Sun (on the first of the month) opposes Neptune/Pisces to be closely followed by a Jupiter opposition in the second to third week of the month. However, Mercury has already portended what these oppositions might pertain to by its opposition on the 11th /12th of August, and Venus will complete the picture for this in the middle of October with her own opposition to Neptune.

We outlined in an earlier blog the Saturn & Jupiter movements this year pertaining to the loftier objectives, so Jupiter here in regard to Neptune/Pisces may well render instability to those same ideals, until they are given a firmer grounding or a more stable position – the weaker points of any plans, and the saboteurs (should there be such characters lurking the background).

Only after Jupiter has finished with the opposition to Neptune in the latter part of September are these situations highlighted and brought fully to a head – Saturn is not in the equation here, except by its direct entrance to Sagittarius for the final time this year - and that in itself adds a stabilising force to the more erratic rhythms involved, or the riskier connections on which much relies..

We wait then until Venus in Virgo and opposing Neptune shows us the subtler ways forward or the less obvious alignments with people with like minds, or of places that suit the flow of energies which unfold plans out to the end of the year. The histories of these scenarios become all important as 2015 winds down – history and past echo or resonance are never far behind the Neptune aspects.. Especially with Jupiter in the mix; the present must carry the respect for what has gone before and what has been worked and strived for or the integrity of the plan (Virgo) is corrupted and things are de-stabilised for all but the few.

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