Sunday, 19 February 2023

Mars in Gemini long haul : breathing space & multi-layered activity

The long transit of Mars in Gemini - August 22 to March 23 ends in the last week of March.

At many levels Mars through Gemini has activated or developed the issues of last May/June when Mercury retrograded in Gemini. Mercury heralds before Mars enters. So those same issues are the ones Mars/Gemini is now attempting to work with. True to the nature and element of Gemini this is very much a time of expanded connection or widening of the theme. Also a time of reconciling things which threaten to split or tear apart under the pressure of unresolved ambiguity or tension .. 

Mars transiting this sign is fond of introducing an arbitrator or outside agent to play devil’s advocate or to adjudicate. The presence of Mars in Gemini tends to invite the cuckoo in the nest, and loves to hover over situations for as long as interest remains (interest is a key ingredient for Gemini) Often the recipient of bad press for its various out-of-sync actions and behaviours, there is however no doubting the invaluable skill of Gemini for reaching the corners and bringing together the remote points in the most objective and egalitarian of ways - often leaving the amalgamating process to others.

Gemini is often the greatest imitator but can, when choosing to, innovate skilfully what it is reprising. The social and business motivator, this vibration of Mars/Gemini famously loves to cover ground; it urges the living of life ‘on the move’ or ‘on the wing’ and invites all who can navigate multi-layered action or intention to join a crusade for better lines of communication prior to freer direction, or positioning.

For sure, in all complex situations the disparities and anomalies have to be highlighted before they can be examined and tackled, but the seams come together more easily when matters are unpicked, re-threaded or viewed objectively. The brunt of this work was laid out by November 22 - in personal and other issues - and it's between January and May this year when lines of durability or purpose are tested.

Those of us (of any sign) with distance associations or affiliations and decisions about closing gaps may have been pushed to reflect in November and December last when Jupiter re-entered Aries, until May. Going again to what was threatening or unknowable last year might be one of the trickier processes involved. Though the period of January and early February 23 gives breathing space and room to turn some large or past planning around. Sailing straight is the key - not backing and fro-ing between disparate parties or ideas. 

The long transit of Mars/Gemini is an arduous journey for many, because choice is always given with Gemini and pushed centre stage by Mars. Offers too-good-to-be-true may be a recurring theme. Though sometimes life gives exactly what it says on the tin. 

Trial through choice is a facet of growth and is life affirming. The more confident and forward find this Mars/Gemini period irresistible in terms of experiment and discovery. Whilst the reticent and the fence-sitters are pushed face-to-face with what can no longer be avoided.  

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Thursday, 16 February 2023


OVERVIEWS FOR JAN to MAY ON ALL SIGNS .. CLICK ABOVE ... Summarised in two parts .. 'Abundantly Clear' & 'Experiencing the Flow'

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Tuesday, 26 July 2022

Dream Symbols in the ComingTimes (Pod 2)


Talking about how the unconscious attempts to nudge the conscious mind via dreams, synchronicity and symbols. And the awakening of humankind nourished by individual dreams and deeper understanding of collective and individual consciousness.

Pod 2 of a 3 pod series

Tuesday, 5 April 2022

''Dream On' Pod 3 in the series ... symbol meanings & the interpretation.


Pod 3 in the series : the meaning of symbols in dreams and 

how they may reveal the individual’s  

concerns and paths in outer life. How the role of the 

‘collective unconscious’ and the ‘personal unconscious’ is 

connecting us to higher energies.

Tuesday, 8 February 2022

The Importance of Dreaming .. (Pod 1 of a 3 pod series))

As we enter into unprecedented times it becomes more important for us to connect with our deeper consciousness and the flow between left and right hand brain. To encourage our individualism to nourish our soul, when there is an onslaught against the soul of humankind by forces beyond control. The connection between soul and mortal existence is continual but we lose sight of it often in this increasingly technocratic world. There is a wealth of nourishment in our arcane knowledge, both individually and collectively. Dream's and the symbols they offer are a right of passage, a portal to higher vibration and Source energy. Guiding, healing & inspiring, offering insight to physical and spiritual life.


Thursday, 18 November 2021

(podcast) Jupiter in Aquarius : the freeze & the flow.

In this extract Lyn Shea and Peter Wakefield talk more about the two major planets in Aquarius, this time with the emphasis on Jupiter when combined with Saturn. The meltdowns after freezing, the consolidating forces at play during retrograde and direct motions. Social integration, active intelligence and the influence overall while Jupiter transits until the end of 2021.

Saturday, 23 October 2021