Thursday 6 August 2015

Jupiter & Saturn Soon … bringing the loftier objectives into reach ..

On the 11th August 2015 Jupiter leaves Leo and enters Virgo for a twelve month transit through the sign.

Virgo is traditionally known to sift and sort and to separate the wheat from the chaff. In modern parlance, it searches diligently for the best - or at least for what is decent and fit for purpose. It is the superb auditor, examiner and quality controller.

Following closely with the Jupiter/Virgo alliance is the Saturn/Sagittarius transit, as Saturn finally settles in Sagittarius at the start of October – this time for a straightforward run lasting approximately two and a quarter years.

The effects of Saturn/Sagittarius are eventual stabilisation and order amidst optimistic extremes. And the effects of Jupiter/Virgo are about fruitful expansion within cautious boundaries ... Perfect dove-tail of carefully expanded territory and practical changes, brooking no large errors of judgement and tolerating very little miscalculation.

Jupiter/Virgo loves profundity and Saturn/Sagittarius is a stickler for enforced periods of preparation; it's often easy to overlook the scholarly side of Sagittarius, the ability to unearth and collate information and facts and study a subject to specialist expertise.s

Saturn/Sagittarius with Jupiter/Virgo may prove to be the perfect dual influence for those seeking to put right the mistakes made during the era of Saturn in Scorpio, when the visibility was poor and the territory dubious and, at worst, downright treacherous.

Jupiter in Virgo provides the light on the horizon for those willing to proceed with care and perseverance. And Saturn in Sagittarius yields great rewards for painstaking focus and ambitious planning.

Stretching and striding with care Jupiter and Saturn in these two signs can bring the sort of lofty ambitions and aims of a lifetime into reach.

From a business perspective the signs of Virgo and Sagittarius are a balance of maintained position used for outsourcing or investment within controlled or speculative ventures of durability.

In the more personal sense, looking at long term plans and giving viability to the current situation, with some more colourful chapter ensuing along the line with perhaps a leap of faith.

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