Monday 7 September 2015

Mercury & Pluto … agendas, itineraries & dogged dictates ..

Anyone may be forgiven for thinking that most everything nowadays carries an agenda. But as long as our own intentions and agendas are strong we are a match and in the running. Those of us who prefer to go along without thinking too much about strategies will even so this week need to plan a stronger itinerary, not to be usurped by the convictions and dogged dictates of those with iron wills as Mercury/Libra squares Pluto/Capricorn.

By Thursday 10th Mercury is slowing down in preparation for its final retrograde motion of the year in Libra, and making a full on square to Pluto/Capricorn. This signals a need to hold off from believing that agendas and itineraries and current negotiations are carved in stone. Although it won't stop some people from acting that way. This, plus a need to look for the silently increasing pressures or hidden costs and clauses of proposals, presages the need for acute and sharp wit. Between the 10th and 16th September it's likely that what is not steady, sensible - or to the liking of the most influential in the scene - will be thrown into disarray or changed completely by the time Mercury is direct again on October 11th. Prior to then we may see obsession with many an original idea or a must-have and those who don't know their own mind will find themselves coerced or pressured into contrary directions to their own preferred choices during that period. This will apply to many scenarios we have going, business or personal.

Mercury balances up again finally around the 24th October. It is after then that things become levelled and more reliable. Stuff that is not working may well have been discarded by that time and people who are not in sync may well have backed off. Things are finalised - or they could become ultimately very unsafe and edgy - by the 26th October when Mercury squares Uranus/Aries and some conflicts go head on or highly volatile. But at least from then the clarity is in the design and it makes for speedier progress.

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