Monday 15 December 2014

Saturn Late Degrees Scorpio : the dark & tangled undergrowth

Saturn in the final two degrees of Scorpio is dealing out tough times in some places, and they are the kind of periods that can't be labelled with the usual emotions & moods..  Saturn in the last ten degrees of Scorpio, especially since October this year, will call into question everything we felt we have relied upon for reassurance of life in its subtlest and most sacred or hidden areas. The understanding we have of those we love, the bleaker side of our own self-assessment and worth, the general fears left unaddressed (or disguised) for a long time, the loose threads from past difficult or painful associations, and so on.

It's a bit like the working of a sewage pump, in that as it slows we get to see exactly what the waste material has within it, and some of it should be there in the clearance and some of it is there by default.  

Bear in mind that this transit happens only every 28 or 30 years, so the older you are the more you perhaps feel it because the more you have stored in the way of darker memories and in the corners of the mind.  Saturn is most definitely interested in the Shadow (the area of the psyche we don't deal with or face up to).  Saturn makes physical and real that which is often best (we think) left in the recesses of the past or the depth of the unconscious.

The better news is that it will be through by Christmas Eve when Saturn leaves the dark and tangled undergrowth of Scorpio and enters the wider and open terrain of Sagittarius for the next three years.

More about that later ...

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