Wednesday 31 December 2014

Straight Talking ... resollutions & affirmations working in real time ...

Affirmations work - provided they are well thought out. The thing about affirmations is that they are entirely an individual matter and not a generic fix-all. The words that work for one person in a situation will not work for another person in the same situation. Why? because each person’s understanding of where they are at, even within the same time-frame or circumstance, differs. One person may not be really committed to the process of making affirmation but simply going through motions. While someone else might take to it like a duck to water. Nevertheless, it remains one of the truly reliable ways to gain mastery or control of ourselves and our lives.
We actually affirm all the time, often negatively, without knowing it. ..... “I’ll never lose enough weight for Christmas!” .... “I’ll never get the house ready in time for Saturday night!” ..... “I’ll never be able to afford the holiday!” ....

A resolution (whether at New Year or any other time) usually doesn't work unless backed by an affirmation of some kind.

If we are not doing a specific litany of words at a certain time in a certain order we don’t see those kind of statements as affirmations, altough they are just that - a way of auto-suggesting to the unconscious about what we want and believe. The Universe believes with us, not for us, and the unconscious is highly suggestible, so every time we state something about our ability, belief or intention we set in motion a train of reaction and consequent actionable results. It’s about magnetism as much as anything else; a subject written about at length by latter day mystics and by modern day physicists. (see for e.g. Michael Talbot’s ‘The Holographic Universe’)

Affirming is a very old way of talking to the Universal Mind through the self. Mentioned in the sacred books of most religions in different ways. ... “As your faith is so be unto you...” (the gospel of Matthew) for one example.  Affirmations are among the oldest known tenets of psychological wisdom. They are about thinking on the plane of the absolute and reversing the senses. They have the ability to correct wrongly held core beliefs by signalling for outer proof of more valid ones. But they have to be right; the words have to have meaning and that meaning has to be felt emotionally and have a resonance with the core self. They cannot be faked or any result will be counter-productive. It was said by the wise and ancient ones that when affirmations are given to you by another there is a blessing on them and they work twice as quickly. Probably one of the best ways to do them is to say them out loud, not necessarily very loudly, but loud enough to hear your own voice. There is something about the voice which vibrates cymatically with the etheric matrix in which we live. It is also effective to repeat affirmations twice as the subconscious mind thrives on repetition.

The key is always knowing that the present holds the power. Affirmation does not ask to receive, it seeks to confirm the fact that the thing to be achieved is present, near at hand, in the current moment. When we analyze these differing tenses and senses of time we see a lot about the way we usually might push things into a non-existent future, or lack the perspective which makes our sense of ‘the now’ so much more powerful once this is understood.

Make ‘thinking time’ for yourself, that way the realizations of what is going on in you become clearer if you listen in the following hours and days to what comes back from your inner self. That way the affirmations can be quickened by different words. If for instance you affirm for more air miles to be at your disposal and don’t address your fear of flying, then the affirmation cannot take root and work properly because it's fighting your unconscious for emotional priorities remaining to be sorted.

The unconscious mind holds keys to our untapped potential and to our older scripts, and also to our severe blocks and go-pass-nots and that is when affirmation is most necessary. It unlocks parts of our psyche which hold negative values that have in the past, and still might, seduce the ego to cling to the outworn and the negatives, despite our protestations to the contrary. Affirmations move gently and thoroughly over time to correct the parts of our consciousness which deter us, lock us out, and won’t allow progress or healing in whatever it is we are seeking to manifest.

The earth plane is here for the purpose of manifestation, the appearance of the physical or material from a prior or hidden intelligence. Intelligence is everywhere, but it is on particular waves or rays or streams of consciousness. Our consciousness is not alone, and anyone who still thinks so must understand nothing about the world in which they live.

To think is to make a shift in the ether, to say something repeatedly is to make a dent, a curve or a wave carrying information. These thoughts need to be polarised and then they return in representational form. “What goes around comes around” .... "Be careful what you wish for!" ...  These sort of sayings depict an age old knowledge of what the universe is really doing all around us. It doesn’t matter which science describes it or which philosophy embraces it; there are things we just know and feel and so did our ancestors and our predecessors, often better than we do now.

To practice with your own exactness of words will sharpen your insight into what is really going on with you. We play tricks with ourselves. We say we want things, and we aspire to have things that we really do not want to have. (When we have them we become responsible). Why do we do this? Because we are at the mercy of differing parts of our own ego structures. We need the game of acquisition to keep us going. But affirmation sharpens our sense of who we are actually trying or needing to become and what we are playing, so that we can stop wasting time. Affirmations unite or reconcile our divided selves and heal rifts between our negative and positive thinking.

Affirmations don’t work miracles overnight, but sometimes they astound us with  amazing happening which highlight awareness. On the way to anything we need or want we have awareness, that is why we want things in the first place, whether they be tangible or not. We need to become aware of who we are in relation to where we are.

Affirmation is often like layers of an onion - it brings us to the edge of something new, something other that the desired object, and then the desired object changes somewhat until it is exactly what we really need. And sometimes affirmation brings us exactly what you affirmed for. Be careful what you wish for ... for it shall surely be yours! Affirmation is a mighty tool of development and self-help, it works for everyone, provided they are sincere and in-tune, and if it takes some people more time to manifest things it's because the doubts about themselves are greater.

Think carefully about what it is you need to have in your sight next. Some people cannot cope with having their dreams come true tomorrow. They need to prepare themselves first in different ways. They might need to get rid of their fears about change, or their feelings of guilt or low self worth etc. So the affirmations should be geared towards safer states of being and less material things, until there is a knowing that the change is acceptable. What we cannot handle or adjust to will dissolve or evaporate or go from our life because it is actually only a vibration, we live in a vibratory universe or pure energy, and we need to adjust our own vibration to what it is we are manifesting. Affirmation is about manifestation. It is about tuning into the core of our own power and harnessing it to a universal power that is actually one with us all the time.


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