Investable Commodities/Industries Associated with Higher Return include:

Steel Industry

Stainless Steel Retail



Age Care & Facility

Exotic Food Produce & Supply

Glass Manufacture & Products

Porcelain, Pottery & Ceramics.

Herbal Remedies, Homeopathy & Food Supplements

The direct motion of Mercury in Libra in the third week of October demands a review of the previous four weeks of trading for people involved in distance investment or invisible organizations, conglomerate or plc companies, or those with pro-active shareholders or investors. Anomalies need to be aired, sorted or at least scheduled for tabling by second week of November. Mars in Capricorn now brings a solidity and substance to previously undisclosed margins etc in late October or previously.

As Mars conjuncts Pluto by the 11th November there should be underpinning and evidence of background surety for longer term investment or planning, ready for circulation or provenance by mid December.

Trends taking and sustaining by the 18th November are more solid. Restrictions on standard seasonal retail turnover may be in place due to supply problem or shortages until the first week of December.

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