Friday 8 August 2014

The Chosen Experience of Conscious Time …. moving through to the Laws of Attraction.

When we talk of these laws we need to understand we are not born with an innate understanding of them, or even of a true recognition of what they are. They may lie at a remote part of our path or our life's given route …

The ability to reason through the conscious or intellectual processes is often painful, but it is a sure way to connect with emotion. Sometimes we need the overlay of thought to put a slant on an emotion. We may have a feeling or a mood and not properly understand what it's saying; it feels alien to us, or just different to a few moments previous to it occurring. And then we think about it, and then it has a shape and connects with other shapes from the past and present, and then we have either pain or pleasure or neutrality. Those who think and analyse a lot are often prone to pain because of their ability to extend the emotion into areas which gives extra depth or meaning, encountering pain in the unknown horizon of the future where the pain is in the fear of the possibility of it all. Put simply, it is the ability to worry that underlines or invites pain.

Staying in forms of consciousness puts us squarely in the moment. Otherwise we may be giving in to the programming of the past, or the unconscious patterns which might be ours or might not be ours; they might belong to the people around us, our childhood, our parents or our ancestors. How are we to know unless we measure and reason and analyse them? a stasis arises, one which pins us to a particular moment - or an age within time -  and time is suspended as we flail in this grey area between feeling truly and releasing the feeling and understanding through the mental processes just what things mean to us and what we should make of them. It's how we grow or progress after all.

To be conscious of the moment is to be able to manifest what the moment yields in potential. And if there is trauma or dislocation of heart and mind then the process of staying in the conscious moment is impaired, often impossible. We enter catatonic states because we are not able to go into any fresh moments and move our awareness forward. These are extreme states of being, but nonetheless they depict something very relevant about what the mind does and is capable of in the way of resistance, and the levels beneath the consciousness at which we can exist (or subsist) if it is necessary to do so.

Maybe we cannot manifest what we need, or live to the full, because we cannot stay in the moment. Maybe we have to follow a path of relatively subdued pain from the deeper levels of the unconscious because it is just not within our power to deal with things any other way. But it remains true that until we can retain an awareness of how we feel about ourselves in conscious moments as we live and move, we are not able to master any influence or patterning that holds us back.

There are ways of dealing with this in areas of time and alertness that are less painful, such as in hypnotherapy or meditation, or in an induced alpha state. These states serve to prove that there are dimensions and levels within the human psyche that are a little out of center to the usual conscious perceptions. Without these (occasional) areas we would not measure who we are or who we are not: the lack of contrast to our usual frequency or flow enables us to do so.

Programming and patterning and the scripts to which we are attuned are an endless study begging greater understanding, requiring a reverential follower (it's why some people keep diaries of their lives). These in  are very real and we need to be open to what is coming at us from the outside and from within to be equal to the art of attracting quality and benefit in the everyday.

If there is one thing (indefinable perhaps) which makes us feel balanced and alive and of value to ourselves it is the idea of movement, of going somewhere – even towards the end of mortal life – the sensation of being on an escalator or a moving flow of unfolding in the expression of who we are. To have the knowledge of being in limbo or being stuck is not uncommon but ideally should be a temporary or a passing sensation; to be constantly in that state is the result of unresolved pain or fear or other trauma existing at a level which is not recognized, perhaps nowhere near the conscious level. When we are released from this there is an upsurge of energy through the chakras and the feeling of liberation. Many experience this following hypnosis or other forms of energy clearance, or just after the passing of a difficult situation or problem, a lifting or shifting of the frequency which kept it in place. We are frequency, we live in frequency in an Electric Universe and frequency has to resonate and to move. It has to shift and to realign, or it is not a vibration which sustains us at a human and healthy level. Laws of Attraction teach us to keep moving, via mind and consciousness to the next stage, the vibratory frequencies we reach are part of the attraction process. It is not an end in itself - it is a process of evolving.

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