Thursday 31 July 2014

Cartouche Astrology – Business Outlook

Mars is in Scorpio now, joining Saturn gradually over the next three weeks and strengthening the kind of long-term results demanded in endeavors requiring more than average research or exploration of past trading. Businesses with proven track record wishing to entice new investors or to establish themselves via provenance perform extremely well this month and out to the middle of September. Those organizations wishing to launch into new directions or other geographical locations would do well to take the next seven or eight weeks at healthy stride rather than a prolonged gallop. September enables the pace to quicken but remain steady as both Mercury and Venus enter the balancing signs of Libra and Virgo, calling for collective approval, unified vote or the scrapping of policy which saw contention and division of opinion on matters of joint approval.

Jupiter in Leo always depicts a flamboyant background to commerce or the kind of optimism which sees many giving false hope to new methods without sufficient evidence. Best to wait until after the third and final Mercury retrograde motion of the year occurring in Scorpio in October. There could be the kind of turns around which spell a certain amount of unconfidence or just a lack of trust on the part of those whose interest previously has sparked renewed expansion, production or setting of markers for margins of growth. Wiser to wait until the end of October for ventures or progression into territory where there is no guaranteed return without higher prior investment.

Industries incrementing or seeing higher growth include ....

Corporate Entertainment

Children's Games/Entertainment

Funeral Directors

Life/Health Insurance

Outdoor Pursuits

Basement Conversions

Garden & Outdoor Accessories

Travel Agencies/Tour Operators

Further news end of August.

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