Saturday 30 August 2014

Loss & the Law of the Invisible ....

Nothing is lost, nothing at all, it may have gone from the material but the essence or the shadow of it exists in consciousness, both universal and individual. We are in the business of reclaiming all the time we are alive..... and within that tenet of wisdom, within that clause, lies the secret of cyclical time, regeneration and reincarnation.

Since every cell of the body and every facet of the mind has this echo, this subtle counterpart - or some may say 'ghost' - what we think, what we say, what we do, are the undercurrents to what we create. Things in life are created constantly, unerringly, but seen from the stand-point of the limited material plane the creations are often flawed, less than we would wish for.

Once a state of conscious has been reached - a definition or a realization - it is not lost. Witness this in people who are broken down to nothing and then eventually re-build ... homes, businesses, lives!  the Universe wastes nothing. It cannot help but preserve – it's the way the hardware is set up.

Perhaps the nearest thing to human mind is the computer (it was after all conceived by human mind) and we now begin to see that it is close to human consciousness. The possibilities of the digital and cybernetic world run parallel with our exponent intelligence. We are growing closer to the subtle realms, to the causal plane, all the time. We create and if something is lost we recreate.  In fact, if something is misplaced or disappears it is our chance to recreate that thing on an upgraded or more perfected scale.

Nothing is lost, ever.   If you wish it back it will come in a form that your ever evolving mind must recognize, eventually, in the fullness of what we call time. Nothing is lost, nothing is irrevocably erase.  It simply becomes a question of absence, silence, space and perhaps other laws of physics as yet indecipherable.

For those interested in astrology the Neptune through Pisces influence now begun is concerned with the question of the invisible through to the visible.   More on this further on in our blog.

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