Friday 25 July 2014

Mars Leaves Libra after 8 Months ..

As Mars left Libra on the 26th July after almost eight months of its long transit through the sign, many will have the gradual realization of a realignment or a different infrastructure in certain areas of their lives.

We have blogged a few times on the effects of this long haul journey through the often underestimated sign of Libra … the sign of justice, balance, beaurocratic policy, style, diplomacy and frivolous luxury …. the extremes of Libra are often overlooked.

If you are a Libran with the serious need to have a more even playing field within your society/surroundings then the the need now as Mars enters Scorpio is to let your impact go deeply without fear of outcome. If you are sort of Libran who believes that life is made better by the comfort and luxury of everyday living- and often Librans will fall into both categories - then the Jupiter through Leo influence just taking effect is how you'll roll.

Much strengths on both Scorpio and Leo, both dramatic vibrations, but Scorpio surrendering it's hold in the short term to Sagittarius in September, another double edged vibratin of purpose/pleasure. Jupiter in Leo remains a constant through the next twelve months,

Mars through Libra has given much meat for philosophers to chew on as matters of social unrest and political policy take on complexions not seen before in our epoch. While in our smaller, but actually more important worlds, Mars/Libra has been responsible for reshaping some part of our infrastructures, and it may take us several weeks to realize just where this lies. Mercury through Libra in September brings us the heads-up via communication or data, and when that busy little planet retrogrades for the last time this year it doubles back into Libra in October and makes sure we've heard the message, while Venus sits gracefully alongside for most of October, softening the generous strategy for which Libra is famous. The extravagance of Libra is always done in the best possible taste.

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