Sunday 13 July 2014

Time as a Sacred Space ... allowing the psyche to breathe & expand.

In the realm of personal space dynamic & connections it's sometimes enough to walk across a room to change awareness of your own universe …..

To understand the real use of our time within this earthly dimension is to change the way we live our lives completely. The awareness we have of what time and space is doing with us and not despite us, is one which separates those who follow some kind of spiritual journey and those who do not. The ramifications of this aren't spiritual in nature, they are experiential and sometimes accidental. We fall into a knowing of what we are and what we can do by dint of what we are passionate about, focused upon or what seems to uplift us or quicken our vibration. Often we do not analyse these things. They happen to people in different walks of life at different ages and in different ways.

But we all concur in a knowing that time/space is personally not what it seems to be at first impact. It is not simply a construct – for construct it surely is - which is given us to use by courtesy of how good we are, how much we need to understand or what we've been dealt in the hand of cards called life, but a construct in which we become familiar with some charge or force which allows us to expand and explore the boundaries of concepts and theories and aims to which we attach our attentive awareness. In short, we are one with what we pursue in heart, mind and spirit. To ask someone who has devoted their life to their own enlightenment what this means in terms of what they do on a daily basis or how they use time, is something which will evoke a deliberate and often dull response, maybe because it's narrow and not enriching to others. To ask the same question of someone who has given up a hefty salary or a convenient urban setting to live in ways which are suited only to them may evoke more colourful and intense response. Both are predominantly concerned with the margins of their focus. Their focus is creating a time/space vacuum in which they live. They do not live to find that continuum, they continue to live because that area, that quantum, co-creates with them.

As sentient beings our universes are individual, they may be mutually inclusive within a larger universe, but they are independent in facilities - time and space being just one. Anyone who has explored meditation techniques, mind altering techniques, bouts of delirium or any other form of time outside of time knows this. They will tell you that weird things happen, and though they may give these experiences different words, in different languages, using different symbols of self-expression, the one thing that remains true is that at a level of existence where concentration is pin-pointed, time and space is a highly personal or elastic facility in which what matters and what doesn't is sorted automatically by an autonomous self integrity known only to the individual; a sacred space of eternal light shining on an effort made lasting or manifest by the energy of the heart and the mind and the soul.

It's vital to explore time in other parts of our mind, during meditation, deliberations or sleep and periods of drifting consciousness. Our psyches are vast areas of terrain in which time is not merely a construct but a sequel to the time/space construct we exist within on the physical plane. It is important to let our psyche breathe and expand in this time-out - to let ourselves explore while relaxed and physically still.

In the realm of personal space dynamic & connections it's sometimes enough to walk across a room to change awareness of your own universe.

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