Thursday 10 July 2014

Jupiter Set to Enter Leo ...

Jupiter is due to exit Cancer on the 15th July and this is followed closely by Saturn/Scorpio moving direct ...  the two water signs here play a part in the emotional responses of situations both personal and transpersonal.  The direct motion of Saturn is a signal to cut the b.s. and back up the talk with action - more definitive than previously.  Whilst Jupiter's exit from the all-sentient Cancer shows the door to false notions of understanding; talk is cheap ... as Mercury will clarify between the 13th & 17th of this month.  

Leo loves to put things on display.  Saturn loves to churn the depth.  The chances are that some situations now are riding the line between careful monitoring and serious censor.  Hopping back and forth between the two approaches is in the final lap. Holding out for both sides may no longer be a valid option in many life scenarios in numerous circumstances.  As Mercury enters Cancer on the 13th July (having circulated between that sign and Gemini since the end of May) the planet in those four days from the 13th begins to engender impatience with too much rhetoric and hollow words of empathy or understanding in the place of wiser direction. 

Know when to stop digging, or when to stop pushing.  The serious work of making the connections, and making the right ones, is over for now, and the even more serious work of proving and validating and standing by claims begins.  Jupiter in Leo sorts the players from the contenders.  Though it may seem to be frivolous in the way it goes about it at times.  Cancer is done with the all-inclusive approach and the entrance of the expert opinion and executive authority is anticipated..

Saturn will staunchly back Jupiter/Leo negotiations until the end of the year.   It's probably better said as nail your colours to the mast before the third week of July, in whatever way that means to you.

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