Tuesday 8 July 2014

Stress is the great leveller ... giving up or gaining ground.

In some places stress levels are now at an all time high.  Knowing the difference between the negative forces which need to be overcome and the power of those pressure charges requiring disseminating and working with is key.  The recent Uranus/Aries and Pluto/Capricorn square over the last couple of years has - as one instance - created tensions and polarities amounting to mega stress in various life situations for many people.  The stretching between two emotional energies or predispositions always results in tension or stress to varying degrees: it could not be otherwise, but what evolves in the midst of all that is usually growth.  We just have to ensure we don't allow it to kill us on the way. What doesn't kill us strengthens us ...  if it's do-able; if stress does not become distress!  This may be called Stress Management.  Or it may be called giving yourself a break. But whatever it is, it's the middle way between giving up and gaining ground.

Not all stress is negative, and not all stress is self-generated.  The collective and universal rhythms at play within our society are proof of the existence of higher or subtler energies outside of ourselves.  Controllable but separate nonetheless. These cannot be always ignored.  Whatever your view of astrology the nature of planetary energies under-pinning our infrastructure -  the hologram if you like - is what astrology is.  The heavier the planets (those beyond Saturn) the more pressure is exerted on bands and groups of people to incline certain ways or towards certain definitions and achievements, in turn advancing or developing our world.  We will not always agree on these, we won't always be in accord.  But it doesn't mean that these don't have a place.  Much of life evolves by default.  But we do have a choice over what we decide to work with, tolerate or allow.  We are part of this network of invisible forces and frequencies; we are the reason these are in place perhaps. 

The more we become aware of our strengths and limitations and the ability to draw on greater reservoirs of energy, the more able we are able to navigate, choose or dismiss what we might think of as emotions or moods or outer influences which are really the presence of an independent intelligence - even if we co-create it or help to generate it.

This is where meditation is vital and knowledge of the chakras and how we resonate through them and with them.   We go in and out of balance as the chakras are depleted or over-worked.  Our glandular tracts within the body are part of the whole chakra system.

The maxim is that energy follows thought and growth follows stress - provided we read the stress and harness it in the right way.  Without certain stresses we may still be living in caves. 

It is vital now that we know ourselves better, and do not place too much emphasis on what we can and cannot do, but more on what we understand that we are prepared and required to do ... and what we deserve to do.

We cannot do it all.  Although there are those who would have us believe we should, who would coerce us towards believing it is necessary. And as much as some pressures are suggesting this, we simply need to know that our limitations are part of who we are and respect that, even as we may seek to change it.

Stress is a whole maize of hidden energies and doorways and indicators.  We need to navigate it carefully, so as not to be overwhelmed by it and neither to give up our quest for higher knowledge.



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