Friday 11 April 2014

Mars Retrograde in Libra & The Cameron/Miller Effect

Mars retrograde in Libra has the perfect illustration in the latest debacle surrounding British Prime Minister David Cameron and his disgraced female Minister recently resigned.  He is a Libran Sun (and a Libran ascendant).  Librans are known for their often magnanimous and forgiving qualities, even in the face of major contention. They are quite often the personification of applied toleranc and understanding.  It's not amazing that even under normal circusmtances he would take a 'benefit of the doubt'  approach to issues where human failing and weakness are concerned.

Where everyone is baying for blood, or calling for draconian consequences, your good natured, highly philosophical Libran will dampen the flames with phliosophical rhetoric - some alternative angle to black and white or cut and dried opinion.

It might not be that Librans want to acually champion swindling, lying and other pernicious forms of mendacity, it is more that he likes everyone to have a fair deal ... and an even fairer trial.  And when the ruler of his seventh house (Mars) is retrograde in the area in his own sign - the sign most known for fence-sitting and procrastination - he was bound to come over all 'second chances'.  The fact that it might not be the best policy, and that it might upset other people and the hard working many of the nation, or prove to be one of the worst errors of judgement, is niether here nor there.  He's a Libran Sun with the effects of Mars Retrograde currently in his own sign.

The man's human after all and subject like all of us to the effects of planetary influence.

 A look at the chart of David Cameron is shown much further back in our blog.

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