Thursday 27 February 2014

A Short Burst of Karma .. the unstoppable force ...

The release of karma now is perhaps at one of its strongest points; manmade laws can not contain it or keep apace with it. Extraordinary and terrible things happen, of course they always did, but not necessarily in front of our eyes or on our own doorsteps. If karma exists at all it exists because free will and cause and effect within prevailing conditions allow it to become extant, or give it a stage. The stage and the conditions are not mutually exclusive to the karma: the setting and the characters are interlinked. What is often heard are questions like ‘Is that karmic?' or 'Is this a result of my karma?” ... as if karma is a rarified happening or set of happenings within an otherwise innocently random unfolding of time. But karma and time are inseparable - we have entered into 'time' for the purpose of karma, the living off or the living out of something already in motion. Most things are a continuation of something gone before. The real question being asked is ‘Is this negative, surprising or unsettling karma? the kind of thing we have no control over?’

If we have now a peak in terms of communications and information and the technology which conveys it, then we are open to a rush or a tidal wave of release (the expression of karma) coming at us from all quarters at an unwelcome juncture in time. However, it has to be something we need to know or observe, or have been a part of, or it will pass us by as surely as a tornado passes by whole streets or towns and rips through others. Our mood may detect a karmic event coming from a mile off - it’s a bit like detecting thundery weather or hot summers: an instinct finely tuned, sometimes listened to, and sometimes ignored. Our better judgement says ‘avoid that event or that person’ even though it is seemingly not possible to do so.

Statistics taken over several years of analysing air travel bookings revealed that records examined after certain fatal disasters showed more last-minute bookings had taken place, as well as last minute cancellations, than for other uninterrupted or successful flights. It would seem that people positively rushed to meet a certain end in life. The entrances and exits to mortal life are subject to strong karmic laws, both from the perspective of time and effect.

Many people who win fortunes on lotteries, or other numerically based games of chance, report changing there usual mathematical systems just prior to the win. And interestingly, so do many who might have won but seemingly chose to miss the opportunity of winning.... or the opportunities that winning would have afforded. So is that losing streak, or swerving away from success, purely for reasons of karma? So much karmic effect is unknowable. Otherwise we would not be able to serve it, expunge it and spin it forward. There is nothing random; if one thing is part of a framework, then all is part of the planning within that framework and nothing can be random for long.

The choices made towards large and definitive changes are not made primarily at a conscious level - although the consciousness listens in and follows orders - but also from a higher self or unconscious level, because at those areas of self we are largely unafraid. That which makes the personality or lower self quiver with fear, leaves the higher levels cold or untouched. And so we are able to live out the script here, on contract as it were to the soul, whether you believe that to be individual or collective.

All of life is karmic, it is the result of everything and anything that has gone before.

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