Thursday 17 April 2014

Cartouche Astrology - Business Outlook ...

Uranus/Aries & Pluto/Capricorn Square - marks particular progress in the following industries:

* Telecommunications

* Foreign & Adventure Holidays

* Medical Supplies & Equipment.

* Security Logistics.

For these particular fields especially it's a time to merge, invest or innovate.

Jupiter in Cancer for the latter half of April & first seven days of May forms a T-square with Pluto & Uranus and begs response to propositions, offers & tempting forays lingering from September 2013 and January this year.

Close now on generous bids or potential associate input from long talks or tentative negotiation.  Board or committee consultation should be conclusive by middle of May.

The long transit of Mars/Libra - set to last until July - turns direct in mid May and pulls unfavourable or opposing opinion to a conclusive vote of confidence.

While Pluto is resting from the middle of April to the third week of September and moving back to represent staging  points from January 2013 the share/investment forces are stable.  Undue or unexpected opposition is transparent in movement or adverse effect on fluctuating market forces previously considered too risky.

Further Business update end of May

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