Tuesday 11 February 2014

The Pull of Other Windows …. eternal optimism & the eternal now.

Looking through other people's windows ... is it an occupation for the eternally optimistic or the never-satisfied? No doubt that curiosity is an abiding passion for us as a species. The belief of someone else possibly having something different or more interesting. Optimism in the strict definition of the word is to be forever seeing something more positive or possible within a future sense which somehow denies – or at least belies – the present. To be never satisfied is part of the grass-is-always-greener syndrome. But do the two states ever meet at a centre point? when the onlookers - gazing into lives and places they themselves will not go or are not invited - discuss things from their place outside of the happening moment! The state of the 'eternal optimist' could be construed as an incorrect use of the 'eternal now' as it implies always being just on the threshold and never quite immersed in whatever it is that's desired or felt to be lacking. It remains forever true that the astrological influences point to a lesser and greater rhythm in lives - a time to push and a time to wait and a time to enjoy. But by courtesy of the Law of Attraction the maintaining of the rhythm of positive optimism in periods of mere waiting increases the chance of abundance when the time to reap arrives. The Law of Attraction is not about always getting what we want immediately, but more about achieving the best from what is possible.

It is and always will be fascinating to look from the outside in. The scene is rosier by virtue of its remove: the ability to offer up inspection without the tedium of involvement or the sullying of imagination by crushing realism in the midst of this. We get fond of looking in through windows, either literally or via the results of a camera lens - and what is t.v. and film and Youtube if not windows on to other worlds! When we catch ourselves doing it while walking the dog at twilight – as curtains are not yet closed and blinds are not yet down and the bright lights of other interiors render tableaus of ultimate fascination - it draws us into new realms entirely. Ones which seduce us in because they are real only moments or steps away.

We will always be fascinated by the theatre of others in their various enclosures, it will always be that added dimensional fillip to our own in real-time. It might be why people ornament their windows with stickers or their window sills with ornaments, so that others will admire and take a second look at what lies inside. A cry for attention to somebody's individual shrine of imagery and detail.  It's why shops have window displays and employ people who are paid to arrange them to the ultimate. So what is so very different about someone's house or garden or intimate gathering, except that it's more alive! Our own reality may never be permanently enough. We will never be able to get enough information on what we think of as 'reality'.

We live by what we perceive in others, and what our reaction to them makes us understand, and we always wonder if they have more to give, more to share or just something more interesting than we already possess.  The pull of other windows has always been and always will be something which only the most restrained or self-disciplined can resist all of the time. 

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