Sunday 7 April 2013

Current Influence in Aries & inevitable conflict.

This current dynamic in Aries – Sun, Venus, Mars & Uranus – poses the problem of 'who is right?'. The urge towards 'will power' or the 'power of self' which is very much the perogative of Martian ruled Aries poses the question of what happens when everyone thinks they are right? Can we all be right? This of course is a childish concept and one we learn about in school by the art of compromise. In theory! Until we go to war ….

Conflict of some degree is inescapable here for many of us in diferrent situations and forms, especially with the Pluto/Capricorn square to Uranus. How far does conflict go before it becomes war! With the recent history of this stellium and every planet barring Uranus coming up from Pisces since February it is likely that some subtle kinds of tactics, strategies and generally deceptive forms of manipulation have come to the point of confrontational disagreement which must be taken to the point of resolution or opposition.

We are aware that battles and wars and differences of opinion can be settled without hostilities and that ways can be couched and feelings can be soothed and agreements can be reached without the need for war. But we should be aware too that wars and conflicts wear different disguises and come in many forms, and Pisces may have shown some that the most lethal of these is the silent and deadly smile on the face of the enemy. Or the passive silence where things are happening underneath or in covert ways which when exposed increase the tension and fuel the flames.

The question will remain for some time of who is right? and how we are to decide? whether we should fight, capitulate or ignore situations. Doing the latter is not a viable option for many because the time has come when not taking action in the past will weigh heavily on the scales of where things are presently, and the cost of what may be lost is just too high. Depending on individual circumstances and being that we cannot all afford hot-shot lawyers, spend sleepless nights plotting like seasoned army generals or forming support committees from legions of friends, we may be better to weigh our part in proceedings and what we want to take from them, and if we cannot get it move the pin-point of the mind focus to where we will find what we need.

In some cases we will not be able to give up the fight and then we will hear the call to arms. And as with any war, the bias will move and show us whether to accept defeat or go to the next stage of the conflict. And that may be heavy. When the Pluto-Uranus square reaches its second zenith in the latter half of May it will become serious. It will tear out the pretenses and the gaps and the anomalies in the fabric sheltering the relevant facts - which some will call truths - some of it buried so deep that we never knew it existed.

Pluto loves to go beneath the surface and Uranus just loves to expose and transform. One way or another, we will know before the end of June how far we may have to go and whether our particular war game is worth the candle.

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