Monday 1 April 2013

'For Crying Out Loud' .. a random explosion of inner mystery ...

Why do we cry when we’re overwhelmed?  And especially at seasonal anniversaries!  Crying isn’t the prerogative of any one sort of person of any one sex or age in any particular given situation or in the grip of any  specific emotion.  It’s a random explosion of inner depth and mystery to the individual.

Why do we sometimes cry when we think of the past, even though in that past we did not cry and seemed to have those same things reasonably in hand?  Why then do we suddenly have that horrible feeling - part way between nausea and anguish?  Maybe it’s because the past was and is a living breathing space, a palpable piece of the matrix to which part of our dynamic in the sense of our subtle bodies or inner spaces are still attached.  Like a webbing of tautened and sensitive strings, the past often still holds us in a dynamic.  There is a continuity of consciousness which lives and vibrates and plays us like instruments!.  And why we often feel the past as present reality.  Because no reality once experienced can ever be lost - diminished perhaps, but never erased.   So crying dilutes and erases the connection, and depending on how deeply the pattern is encoded in our cellular memory the weeping and releasing of emotion will vary in occurrence and duration.  Clinicians of all varieties know how good it is for the system and mechanics of body and mind.  Science doesn't understand it at all.

It is natural to think of the past.  The past is why, how and who we are.  We cannot dismiss it, we can only move on from it and look back now and then and be realistic and honest about what we feel. Crying is a release of patterns in the emotional/vibrational body interlinking with the physical.  It is healthy, it is indispensable to our empathetic development, it is necessary to the ongoing whole, and clinically to the cleansing of the lymphatic system.  Essentially we have three sets of feelings - in tune with what we see as past, present and future.  So we feel something, and then with reflection we feel it again only a little differently, and then again we feel it maybe for the last time and we know the truth of it.  Life is multidimensional and we cannot feel everything there is to feel about any situation as we go through it.  We have to revisit and digest it at several levels of sentience.

Life is not simply a flat tableau of events, but an unfolding of ideas attuned to the emotional framework of individual minds.  We feel and we resonate emotion in a sensory capacity as well as a demonstrative one, and then we know we are in existence as part of the whole.

Crying is as fundamental to the unity or the wholeness of mind. body spirit as the air we breathe and the water we drink.  It’s part of our support system or our survival equipment. And we often enjoy it; like sneezing it has the universal and mind-blowing quality of lightening the load.


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