Wednesday 1 May 2013

The Addiction to Being Lucky .... short bursts of power and the universal flow ...

Is the propensity to winning connected with the need for feeling loved? We think it just may be! Being lucky. Feeling lucky. Getting lucky. The buzz from a win, any win – some kind of triumph over adversity or chance – is a power boost. For the time the euphoria lasts it can replicate the love emotion very strongly. And because it's usually more short-lived the need to sustain it in a daily or hourly sense is what makes for the compulsive gambler. Don't be fooled by the stakes, big or small, stakes are stakes.

If we are talking compulsive gambling, addictive games of chance and constantly 'going for gold', we are talking serious obsession with the adrenalin rush or the energy surge equivelant to mild electric shocks.

Not all of us have the money, opportunity or lifestyle in which we can venture everything in sport, business or other forms of high-powered experience. So perhaps a lottery ticket (and better still) a win on one , or on a scratch card, or a visit to the casino will serve roughly the same purpose.
How much of what we think of as luck is the need to feel favoured by the higher forces, the gods or the universal flow! To have that special and 'singled out' moment where we are above adversity and the perils of the mundane! How much of what we think of as being 'lucky' is due to not being able to maintain the kind of self-love or belief needed to provide strength for living! If love is anything it is faith in the self around important other people. Fortune is sold often as the odd gamble, the quick splurge into the unknown, the roll of a dice, even the near miss of a big win. The nearer the miss the closer we are to the prize. It's the chase for the prize rather than the prize itself which some feel supplies the charge or high.

The loss of choice or the chance for change often precedes the need to boost opportunity through seemingly random bouts of luck. Great leaps of the lower consciousness are achieved and a sense of temporary freedom through exultation. Very heady stuff! Akin to religious frenzy. In astrology the province of Jupiter, and Jupiter in aspect to Mars or Mercury somewhere in the chart.
Fortune favours the prepared mind. But that takes time and effort.
If Fortune is a game of chance then the constant pursuit of it is the endless search for something that exists at the end of the chase. The term 'loser' is now one of the greatest insults in our society. This is a concept from the outside, but when taken seriously we begin to witness (perhaps falsely) the state of ourselves within. We are our own audience. For people who gamble, the need for self applause is very real. To feel quietly triumphant within the maelstrom of chance is a sensation second to none. To want to experience it constantly is an addiction as bad as any hard drug use. It's too dangerous and disruptive to the otherwise smooth flow needed for sustainable and contented life.


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