Saturday 18 February 2012

Mars currently Retrograde in Virgo - annoying but sanitizing ...

When we were first learning about astrology - many moons ago - one of the tutors used to describe  Saturn or Mars in Virgo in the natal chart as being responsible for the need to constantly 'Harpic' the loo.  (and for those not old enough to remember 'Harpic' was a well known bleaching or cleaning product used in bathrooms).

The effects of retrograde Mars through Virgo are not dissimilar ...

The effects now until the middle of April are perhaps annoying on a lot of fronts.  In Virgo - an earthier-than-earth sign - Mars is delighted to have such delaying powers at its disposal.But it's mostly for the purposes of cleansing and clearing.

Certainly those of us with Sun and Moon in the other earth signs – Taurus and Capricorn – will have felt some disruption in either personal, work or environmental well-being.  And the rest of us tend to suffer the flack as what effects one will tend to effect all further along the line. Even things such as electrical circuits can be impeded by Mars retrograde, with deeply routed causes hard to fathom. (Uranus, once again in the first few degrees of Aries will intensify this as Uranus influences things like technology and electronics)

By far the worst part of Mars resting in Virgo could be the indecision, the back-peddling and the reversals on matters which will have been proceeding nicely prior to the third week of January. The philosophical thing to do now is to see that there might be some wisdom to gain during these hold ups. Check the small print, recount the figures, decipher the finer points and take closer appraisal of loyalties recently formed and loyalties in the making.

The by-word for Mars/Virgo is integrity. It gets tested, checked and brought into sharp focus in matters both small and large. Issues personal and public. What is playing out in the inner world is invariably reflected somewhere in the outer world.   Nothing goes undetected, and by the time Mars is direct again on the 14th of April lots of anomalies and discrepancies and buried errors have come to light.

So too the niggling doubts you may have had since last autumn – no longer doubts but full blown evaluations, and no longer niggling but more in-your-face situations to be dealt with between then and the start of July. The thing about Mars on a long purge like this is that eventually matters which have been thoroughly wrung out or hung out move us on within the larger picture by taking care of the closer details in such ways that maybe we cannot.

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