Monday 2 January 2012

Mars Major Transit through Virgo - the 8 month effect ...

Mars through Virgo loves revelations, exposing faults, loopholes and limitations.  Skeletons rattle in cupboards during this combination of energies & symbols.

The long transit of Mars through Virgo began in November last and continues until July 2012. When Mars does an extra long transit through any sign it means a thorough movement or purge of that sign - and the house it presides over.  A particular house in a personal birth chart shows an area of life (a compartment almost) but the transit has a mundane (or collective) effect too. The general or outer effect often impacts the personal situation in which someone finds themselves.

The transit takes so long because the planet retrogrades for a while mid-way through the eight month period and then goes straightforward again. Think of it like a telescopic light sweeping in an arc and then doubling back before going on to complete the arc, in order to double-check.

Virgo (mutable negative earth) is ethical, zealous and scrutinizing. While Mars is forceful, uncompromising and resolved.   People with Mars placed in Virgo in a natal chart are noted for being self-critical, driven to perfection and sometimes excessively over-anxious about detail.

The transit of Mars through this sign over that eight month period may not exactly be restful, but it will in the long run be revealing and probably quite cleansing or purifying. The movement can be likened to a JCB ploughing through land and churning it or turning it over.  Apply those traits described in a general sense to various life-scenarios and you have the rough idea of how everyone will feel about some area of their life. Bear in mind that even if you do not have planets in Virgo you will know others who do, and the effect on them can result in an effect on you via their circumstances.   In this way we are all linked.  In this way we are all part of a greater script.

Below are some of the effects of the long transit.  Keep in mind that these can be both personal and transpersonal. The mundane level (trans-personal) and the individual level (personal)......

Off the record audits. Close scrutiny of charitable causes. Demands for more explicit rules. Sudden surges to get ambitions off the ground. Ground excavation for interesting or intriguing reasons. Scrupulous declarations of high intent. Noble causes pursued. Vulnerable situations bringing attention. Austerity measures unveiled. Violations of modesty. Agricultural reform. Farming proposals. Changes in Maternity & mid-wifery legislation. Revolutionary gardening produce. Land reform bills. Hygiene issues. Cemetery & graveyard legislations. Rise in sexually transmitted diseases. Crusades for puritanical monitoring. Questioning of long term loyalty. Personal integrity tested to the limit. The first shall be last and the as shall be first. Boom in homegrown food. More businesses started from home.

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