Thursday 4 October 2012

Sometimes the Sexiest Thing is ... the smooth & rough ride to getting what we want

Sometimes the sexiest thing is not getting our own way! Perverse, but true! The province of Uranus, and possibly Neptune in difficult aspect. For these two planets are concerned with advancement by difficult lessons, or even the 'school of hard knocks' … although Neptune will be less obvious in terms of where the opposition comes, or how the adversity applies.

One of the most universally appealing urges is to buck the system, defy convention or fly in the face of strong decisions (and their makers) in large ways, transpersonal ways or small and more innocuous ways. Whether it is with the people who employ us, or with our loved ones or closest of intimates. When someone says 'no' there is an instant urge to take flight or to fight. To back off, close the door, or to stand our ground and do battle – either directly or subtly. The adrenaline and the blood pressure must be involved somewhere. The hormones will closely follow. And for some people the power-rush of having to confront, cross the line, is too thrilling for words. In some cases even the acceptance of the stronger force of disappointment holds a powerful surge of emotion. If we are starved of emotional attention we will court these incidents, and the results can be almost academic next to the energy felt along the way. Rampant and flagrant confrontation in the face of opposition! Or overwhelming acceptance of defeat! These are very piquant experiences and after an initial surge of reaction in some form the body and mind will give way to highly charged feelings. This is what we are after, and some of us are emotional junkies, we cannot get enough of the stuff. It feeds us like tobacco or alcohol or sugar. It stimulates parts other smoother moods cannot reach.

It's the basis of a lot of literature, classical and pulp, modern and otherwise. It cannot be denied that the existence of conflict and the effort and energy embroiled in it are one of the prime ingredients of stimulating life. If we are not challenged we may challenge ourselves. Some of us become addicted to it. If it involves going up against circumstances, situations and people where we may lose face, power or ground it is gris to the mill.  Because within it all at some point someone will tell us no, in differing ways, using differing means of expression. The addiction to playing with it or dicing with the odds is delicious. If things go too much in our favour for too long we become jaded. Sated with excess, or success.

It can happen that there are past lifetimes that have been unquestioningly filled with privilege and favour, or lifetimes of the opposite. Both of these protracted experiences will impress the psyche and the cellular memory with the fascination for challenge. With the need for power games and scenarios involving extreme decisions of will and spirit - our own or others. We are not talking the kind of dilemmas in which integrity dictates we win because we have campaigns with serious moral issues at stake, or vital life challenges. These are entirely different in essence and outline.
But on the more frivolous side of life there is a titillation like no other in flirting with chance, and the sexiest thing can be not knowing when or whether we will get out own way.

Our everyday life from cradle to grave is filled with points of conflict, and points of lack …. expectation through to fulfilment. We are taught in our society to go for it, to achieve, to conquer the adversity of being denied. Obviously we will seek contrast, it is human nature. Contrast tells us who we are, what we are striving for and what is worthwhile. The contrast between succeeding and being denied is a complex matter, filled with meat for our emotions to experience, or for us to experience our emotions. Amid all that is the knowledge that there is something greater than us, some force which might or might not grant us favour. Might or might not know better. Whether it comes in the form of another person or an impersonal and arbitrary situation. We do not always know, and we should not always know, what we will meet on the road to self enhancement, for much self development is based on the need to overcome the base level of our own negative fears and feelings. And one of the sexiest things is to feel we are moving and growing and giving everything we have to life.

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