Saturday 13 August 2011

Uranus-Aries & Anarchy ... the power of an archetype. 

We think of Mars as being warlike - but Mars energy is tame compared with an undisciplined Uranian energy.  Look at the world in general, but look at the U.K. riots over the past week 

There’s a Mars, Pluto, Uranus aspect of profound intensity been going on the last few days, due to pass by the 20th of August and moving to simmering now.  But whatever else is at play the energy - collective and individually - of anarchy is the firm prerogative of Uranus. 
In Aries it is destined not to care about repercussions and consequences, the inclination being ‘act now and think later’...
Certainly there are people who will be more susceptible; there own chart disposition will show that.  But there will be people we would least expect to be taken up in that feverish bid for change & revolution at any violent price.  We would have to dig into the aspects of natal charts giving way to progressions and triggered by transits, but it would be there - the signs and the signals.  The normally mild mannered who are suddenly lost to the persuasion of a collective planetary energy.

An archetype has formed with this T. Square, led by Uranus, and lots of people are absorbed.

The extra Saturnine planets are said to be ‘generational’ because they move slowly and involve numbers of people in similar experience or wholesale collective events.  We look at Uranus in Aries and we see that in its first degrees of the sign it is bringing sudden, unexpected and often freakishly dangerous situations in all kinds of ways to all kinds of people.  Maybe only astrologers would know that, but for us it is indisputable.

Astrological influence isn’t used as an excuse! - it’s a backdrop to events, a rhythmic stage setting in which life can take place ...  good, bad or indifferent. People seek to learn about themselves and others through experience.  When major events and world situations happen all kinds of small to medium events are triggered.  This is how karma takes place.  We evolve through strong movement and strong movement is the prerogative of those three planets - Uranus, Mars & Pluto.

See more about Uranus & its influence on the individual over 7 years in the next blog..

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