Friday 29 July 2011

Uranus through Aries is taking some situations and events around in a loop ....

It means a widening of an arc or a circle formed from March 2011 until April 2012 when it passes its peak point of the preceding twelve months and forges ahead.  It may feel like you’re going round again and again ..  but don’t despair, it's just deepening any existing understanding of new ground you may have made 

Uranus/Aries ...  the laws of attraction & a mighty leap of faith
In with the laws of attraction and to get where we’re intending to be there’s often the need of a massive leap of faith, resulting in action. This is what the planet Uranus is all about - pushing concepts, innovations and forward thinking matters to new ground,  regardless of consequences ... or so it seems ....

The saying ‘brave new world’ springs to mind when we’re talking of the movement of Uranus into Aries. And so does the cliché  'give me a break' - Probably because with Aries - the sign of things to the fore and bold in outline - there is liable to be a cutting edge somewhere within situations both individual and collective.

In June 2010 the first movement of Uranus into Aries (however brief) was inclined to cut through some of the tense situations set up by the Saturn/Pluto square of that year because Uranus would then be forming one angle of a T square involving the Saturn/Pluto aspect already in existence. Added to this is the fact that Jupiter was accompanying the first entrance of Uranus - the second and full entrance was in March 2011- and it means that the energy is enlightening, maybe dramatic, but certainly beneficial, by courtesy of Jupiter, if the circumstances are used in the right way.

The message at the June/July juncture was to get a good view of what you can positively do with the new horizontal possibilities.  At the very least that was a trailer or a forerunner of things to come, getting more solid or permanent in the spring of 2011.

Uranus in Pisces gave a deceptive effect to future changes in many ways; Pisces does not lend itself to the natural dynamic of Uranian energies without resistance. So the effects were fogged or fudged or subdued - even maybe driven undercover. In Aries they can be none of those things as Aries doesn’t trade with anything too subtle. Fire, cardinal and yang in nature, Aries is naturally overt, outgoing and forceful in energy.  The exact opposite of Pisces. Therefore one symbolic description of the changes might be that whatever was traveling incognito or out of sight now emerges to be seen and heard. Apply this to your own life circumstances, the collective as a whole and various situations you are aware of round about and you have the general idea.

These interjections or breaks obviously may occur in varying ways - as varying as there are people and situations - and will be subject to interpretation. It must be remembered that all astrology is subject to interpretation and that three people with similar charts experiencing identical planetary influences will express things in different ways, this is why we say the person 'stands before their chart’- meaning that the individual psychology, life situation or general mood can diffuse and colour the overall influence as a merging of those influences with the free will of the person takes place.

In a general sense the intervention of Uranus into Aries might be invasive, loud and totally ‘in your face’ .... It might be, but there again, it may not at first be felt that way.  The months after June/July 2010 when it retrograded back into Pisces until March 2011 could have seen any stark change or occurrence forgotten, reversed, or even diluted by familiarity to what is gradually taking shape, or at least becoming familiar by the spring of 2011 when it re-enters and takes up fuller residence in Aries. Therein lie the surprises - that certain things have been in attendance or jogging alongside all the while.

The natural cycle of Uranus through a sign is seven years. It is in fact the very epitome of the septimal laws (divine rule of seven). At one time there were seven planets visible to the naked eye, and the seven pillars of wisdom and seven rays aligning with the archetypes. Hence the seven stages of man, talked of in Shakespeare's plays. 

Planet Uranus is concerned only with breakthrough and transformation, that which is untried, avant garde or revolutionary, the downright anarchic and the mad.  Uranus loves change and transformation at any price and is not part of the peacemaking process afterwards.  That's for other more pacifying influences.

Aries as the first zodiac sign rules the head, the new and the prominent. It's rather transparent, but it will be diluted somewhat by other planetary effects as they occur over the next seven years of its transit through the sign. The direct and underlying message remains however; new cycles, reform and maybe a lot of revolution along the way as this comes about.

The effects of Uranus cannot sustain without the support and movement of other planetary influence, it is part of the integrated system we know as astrology.  It is both heartening and a little frightening, this combination of Aries/Uranus.  Take note all you Aries sun and Aries rising people - there will be a call to arms of some kind. A call to use your strengths and attributes towards the whole in some way, for better or for worse, although those born in the last two deconates of the sign will feel more of the effects as 2013 comes in.

Uranus hates stagnation and Aries loves to pioneer: the result is unavoidable progress!


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