Saturday 23 July 2011

Talking of Rising Signs (Cardinal)

Talking of Rising Signs ….

Cardinal Quality … Cancer, Capricorn, Aries & Libra

The Qualities can be too easily overlooked in astrology – they are the mode of expression the signs have: Cardinal, Mutable & Fixed. On the ascendant or rising sign they are as important as the Elements (fire, earth, air & water).

The ascendant is taken from the time of the day on which a person was born, rather the day of the year. The rising sign is what the person is becoming, the Sun sign is what they already are. For this reason the ascendant gives the greatest clue to the ways in which the person will change and gradually begin to approach life. It is very much to do with the Soul's Purpose.

Cardinal Ascendants are eager to go out and break new ground and often lead by example rather than design. They usually display a confidence in life which allows others to believe in them.

Cancer by nature is responsive/sensitive to others. On the ascendant, whilst giving a certain reticence or modesty, it is concerned with a growing awareness of its own and other people's emotions. Negative Water, Cancer is one of the empathetic signs and can aline itself very much with what others are feeling or experiencing. This trait can become exaggerated within the lifetime so that the person goes through overtly shy periods and is overly sensitive to how others are perceiving them. There is often a need to build 'moral stamina' in order to stand up for what they believe is right for them, despite what other people might think. The mother influence figures largely, often in a problematic way, and Cancer ascendant can be too absorbed in pleasing people as the Cancer vibration loves comfort and ease of passage.

Capricorn rising is often given to bleak or difficult conditions in the early life, so that the harder or robust side of Capricorn has a setting in which to thrive (any ascendant vibration attracts or builds live-scenarios from which to have activity).  Negative Earth, Capricorn on the ascendant is concerned with acquiring the abilities of tenacity, endurance and perseverance; able to build and plod for long periods of time towards a project or an ultimate aim, it has a stoical attitude to itself and life. If this is not accompanied by a philosophical tendency there can be a bitterness or a vapid sort of misery clinging to individuals with this ascendant which alienates them from others or renders extreme disappointment as they age. Capricorn ascendant is usually loyal and strong on behalf of those people who depend on it.

Aries on the ascendant often brings impatience or impetuousness. It is the stuff that pioneers and innovators are made of and uses these traits variously (depending on the rest of the chart) towards goals and pursuits which the individual is passionate about.  Positive Fire, they can not be held back for long from what they have chosen to do and will sometimes display these talents/interests early on in life. The vast need Aries rising has to experience itself in all its glory often renders to the individual a selfish or egotistical appearance which might be entirely unjustified.   Nevertheless people warm to this ascendant and sense a bravery, whatever else the chart contains, that can be somehow relied upon in times of stress or trouble.  Aries rising often courts danger rather than tolerate boredom.

Libra is naturally given to fairness and the need for balance.  Libra on the ascendant grants probably the most generous of natures to the individual (depending on other chart characteristics).  Positive Air, it loves to sit in the midst of varying attitudes, opinions and types of people.  Libra rising is bringing the qualities of mediation, altruism and deliberation to the personal life experience. The 'liberty' to have free choice is always a topic which remains paramount in importance for itself as well as others. There is a concern for the opinion of people round about, sometimes too much so that there is a loss of will power, and this rising sign loves to put things to the vote and gain a consensus of opinion on the most trivial of matters. This is because the individual's lifetime is unconsciously devoted to understanding how to consider self in relation to non-self and the power balance contained there.

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