Friday 8 July 2011

Talking of Rising Signs (Fixed)

Talking of Rising Signs ….

Fixed Quality … Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius.

The qualities can be too easily overlooked in astrology – they are the mode of expression the signs have: Cardinal, Mutable & Fixed. On the ascendant or rising sign they are as important as the Elements (fire, earth, air & water).

The ascendant is taken from the time of the day on which a person was born, rather the day of the year. The rising sign is what the person is becoming, the Sun sign is what they already are. For this reason the ascendant gives the greatest clue to the ways in which the person will change and gradually begin to approach life. It is vey much to do with the Soul's Purpose.

Fixed ascendants of their nature are most resistant to change. But it is also good to remember that change is not movement.

Aquarius by nature is restless. It loves to move and travel, but that is not the same as radical change. Aquarius ascendant may travel and roam in familiar patterns, or sometimes in 'ever decreasing circles'. The Fixed Positive Air of Aquarius on the rising sign is particularly fond of ideas or beliefs which give it a base in an otherwise topsy-turvy world. The providence of Aquarius on the ascendant is to lend to the lifetime a campaign or project that takes forever to achieve. The air (mentality) and the fixity (steadfastness) can then both be used in a forward looking or visionary sort of way, beloved of Aquarius.

Taurus rising is often very resistance to change (sometimes not outwardly) but this isn't to be confused with the lack of acquisition. The Negative Earth Taurus loves to take hold of the best and harness it, but remains loyal to the tried and tested. So the fixity of Earth on the Taurus ascendant makes for investment lovers and builders of enduring schemes, both large or small. They love to expand, but in ways which preserve what is already established. Don't ask Taurus rising people to make on-the-spot or overnight decisions, it makes them too stressed and they can become evasive or inhibited.

Scorpio is the most tenacious or gripping of all the fixed signs. Negative Fixed Water, it is capable of holding onto information or knowledge for long periods, often bringing the same, or similar, projects through from past lifetimes and bringing to bear the greatest influence on the lives of others, either close or more publicly. It loves to delve and analyze and it will patiently study and probe both its own inner secrets and those of others. The element of Water here, although Fixed, still brings fluidity of response or memory. The unchanging quality comes in the purpose or direction or motive. Scorpio rising people will struggle with things against the odds, they are dogged in what they determine, sometimes beyond reason.

Leo is perhaps the least 'fixed' of the Qualities. Positive Fire it is highly persuadable by people it loves and will change its mind to suit others. But still it goes towards wherever it is best received and responded to, putting its heart interests before anything. The fixed nature of Leo rising people is seen in their dedication to things and people they decide they will champion or love. They are becoming braver in any given lifetime about who they really are and about promoting their own interests (possibly after lifetimes of not being so or not being able to be so). Matters of the heart and concerns about heritage are to the forefront of their issues. Leo on the ascendant is learning how to open the heart (chakra) and embrace life, but has to know the difference between the ego props and the real deal.

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