Wednesday 25 November 2009

SATURN IN LIBRA  -  the 'form' may easily overtake the purpose ...

Although Saturn through Virgo these last two years has brought accountability in the harshest of ways for many, it has released others in the most surprising of manner from heavy work load or enduring burdens of seemingly unrelenting duration.  We have long known that Saturn is the judge, and not just the teacher, as some schools of thought have it.  And now that Saturn is due to enter libra in the autumn there will be a lightening of previously doomy or censorious atmospheres - but is this because we have got used to the climate and are immune to it now , or is it because we have learned what to ignore and what to give up?   It might be better to find out which, or the chances of certain areas of our lives becoming too much the province of the interference of others is highly likely.

Saturn is exalted in Libra, which means it shows at its most lenient.  But again, that is merely a deceptive light.  Because there is a pause whilst we are allowed to make  mistakes regarding our views and attitudes following the bleakest of purges nationally, collectively and individually over the past couple of years  it may lead to the most apathetic bouts of do-nothing cynicism the west has seen in a long time.  

Astrology works collectively as well as individually.  The vehicle is moving but the occupants all have their own plans and views on what they want to do, where they want to go.  What we do and think in our own life is contributing to the whole but the whole can overwhelm us if we don’t take account of where we fit in.  Fitting in is a very libran quality..... 

Fitting in and aligning with the stream of consciousness we call life is the trick we all have to learn.  Libra is liberal, of course, but also very sensitive to discord; it loves conformity.  Therefore democracy fights for its life in the real sense of the word, and to be better understood.  Conformity taken to an uncertain extreme degree robs people of the ability to act and think for themselves.  The ‘form’ takes over and the design and its appearance is everything.  

But who is designing our life?  The religionists will say it is God.  The conspiracy theorists will say it’s the Illuminati and the economists will say it's the banks.   But maybe in actual fact the design is in our imagination, and we can therefore paint bold and use whatever shapes we wish.  The ‘form’ libra requires is the one that balances your life, the people around you who matter to you most and what you value most.   Don’t be fooled by the fads of the philosophical and media obsessed jungle.  You are in charge to a greater extent than you think.   

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