Friday 16 October 2009

Mars in leo Effect

October is the time for some big about turns in most affairs, individual and collective.  As Saturn moves from virgo and enters libra for a two year span, Mars also enters leo for a long haul out to next June. The combined effect of these two movements is a smoothness at best, or an apathy which passes for ease at worst.

The effects of Mars are always dynamic as this is the planet of drive and innovation.  Given the nature of both libra and leo the need for presentation and gloss is ever present  (the zodiac vibrations always incline to their extremes in the wider sense).  So the shams, the scams and the downright impractical hover in the wings in the last three months of this year ready to make an appearance in whatever sector of your life is given to leo in your natal chart.  This will mean the heart of matters, the exalted, the ruling, the celebrated and the powerful.  Not necessarily in that order.  

By Christmas Mars will have done its opening best, or worst, as the case may be, and shown what is desirable and what is most welcoming.  Whilst Saturn through libra stands back after its exertions of recent times in virgo, and says ‘Don’t look at me, I’m through highlighting the pitfalls for you, if you haven’t learned in the last 18 months then you deserve all you get!’   

Okay, so Saturn doesn’t actually speak, it uses archetypes instead.  So in libra think democratic representatives, governing bodies, facilitators, team leaders, of all varieties in all sorts of places.  As Pluto then firmly squares Saturn from capricorn the likelihood is that in smaller or greater ways the right people are in the right place by hard experience over the last two years or they are not.  

By January 2010 the gaffs and gaps illuminated by the last three months of this year are ripe for appraisal and amendment and need to be addressed without frill by March 2010.  Mars then begins another sojourn through leo, this time surpassing the hitches and glitches of this November and December and sailing right to next May, taking no prisoners, and going straight to where you now think you want to go - and this by mid June!  That is providing the great democratic revolution of Saturn in conflict with Pluto has given you the right papers, the go ahead and the balls to stand up to some of the opposing forces taking the form of petty officials and/or bigwigs with clout.  This proviso in place, then and only then do you pass through. 

However, in the heart sense (the true nature of leo’s essence) the bravest of all sorts and the keenest in all types of motive progress forward many steps from where they were, because they can not help but do so.  They jump or they are pushed. 

The Universe acts in mysterious of ways (rather like the power about whom nought can be said) and not all prosperity is obviously quantifiable by accountancy and banking.  And not all advancement is measurable by credit rating or qualification.  Or in fact by anything but the heart of whoever is concerned . The balancing of the heart chakra is the only mechanism to sustained success.  So go for it!  But remember it can’t be substituted, it either is or it isn’t.  You either feel it or you fake it.  And the difference is everything to long term result.   


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