Sunday 31 January 2010

PLUTO-CAPRICORN/SATURN-LIBRA  .... 'an iron hand in a velvet glove!'

Pluto is the planet of regeneration and reform. Saturn is the planet of judgement and consolidation. Saturn in libra is now squaring Pluto in capricorn (in both strong and weak degrees) until about the end of October this year - the struggle between authority and liberalism is subtle, because it involves all sort of situations in all sorts of ways and has various meanings in the lives of individuals and groups alike, all over the place. It can take the form of tyranny, covert to begin with (an iron hand in a velvet glove!) which gradually equates a more obvious form of oppression.  Or it can mean that there is an unfair bias towards ability, status or favour within the group, family, coupling, business or whatever other association you care to think of.  

Pluto has to be strongly backed by other astrological factors before it becomes the total heavy or the bully; it's general effect is far to insidious and intricate to simply take on one guise.  The Pluto effect in any chart is where there is obsessive or intense focus or love of power. But power is not always negative, it can generate tremendous energy which benefits many in different ways. It goes into abuse where it is not challenged or understood.  Leaders and facilitators and people carrying immense responsibility for others will show Pluto strongly in their natal charts.  So Pluto in relation to Saturn (and more especially to Saturn in libra) is obliged to soften or disguise it's heavier handed approach.

When the Saturn/Pluto aspect kicks in you will see the worst and best of these things, depending on where you are and who you are with. What you will firstly see is an extenuating circumstance rather than an issue in which it is necessary to take sides. You may feel it as a family concern, or an ad hoc situation which you stumble into accidentally.  Or you may look at the current political climate in some places and see bias of power and blatant denial of common sense.  But if you think generally of concerns where the percentage or the price is too high, or where the effort outweighs the reward but the reward is more like necessity you will begin to see where this influence is taking place.  Pluto is an archetype which carries immense influence, and therefore seeps into roles which we as humans play.  The same with Saturn. 

Saturn in libra is the democrat and Pluto in Capricron is the absolute Chief of Staff.  There is no arguing with Pluto in some of it's phases; it's the ultimate say, the final cut, the executioner.  

Whilst Saturn strives to bring a more placid judgement or balance through libra, the judgement is still obligatory.  Situations of democratic, beaurocratic or hierarchic basis must be experienced and and brought to awareness. Even if the deliberation is long-winded.  But it's worth remembering that some of these resolutions called down by the Pluto/Saturn influence will then be irreversible.    

Be aware most of all of the situations in your own life and environment where there is an ongoing and repetitive pattern of supply and demand, or take without give. Where there is misplaced onus or burden.  A labour of love become a chore of resentment. An old arrangement turned into a harrowing ritual. That's the Saturn/Pluto aspect bringing your attention to unfairness which can eventually become the norm or the untouchable. These situations are liable to go down in tablets of stone unless the struggle for rebalance and redress is recognised and entered into. Whether they are little or large, whether they are personal or public. Don't be daunted or overwhelmed by lengthy or drawn out procedure. It doesn't have to be all out war; it can be quiet and constant vigilance within relentless position that wins the day.

Libra loves compromise and Capricorn loves endurance. 

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