Wednesday 30 September 2009

Rising Sign & Sun Sign Effects

A lot of people wonder about the effects of a sign on the ascendant and the effects of the sun sign in the same sign.  For example: the effects of an ascendant in gemini as opposed to the sun in gemini.

The ascendant or rising sign is coming to the fore or developing the energies of the individual to its nature and type.  Put another way, the sign on the ascendant is aspiring to be what the sun sign already is. So a taurus ascendant has in embryo the traits of taurus, whereas the sun taurus has them fully developed within the character.

The ascendant is a very powerful rhythm.  More so because it is at work unconsciously. It is more covert, where the sun is overt, and it becomes more powerful or obvious with the maturity of the individual. The sun is extant and rests on its laurels, so to speak, whereas the rising sign resonates more subtly, slowly and profoundly with the growth and deepening maturity of the individual. It shows the style in which we approach life.  It reveals the the soul's purpose for incarnation. It resonates to the Universal energies more strongly than any other point in the chart (it is a point of light or access) and it shapes patterns which result in life scenarios and pull us from our comfort zones into relatively new horizons (new from an earthly perspective) and situations that push us to evolvement via experience.

Where the sun and the ascendant fall in the same sign there is usually a very strong impact from that particular zodiac vibration onto the psyche and often something left unfinished or pressing (from former lifetimes) which coerce the individual into achievements or developments. In modern astrology we do not like to think of predestination or fate, but often the inclination within the human being is so strong to do something or be somewhere that it amounts almost to fate in that the urge is undeniable and irresistible and must be brought into manifestation or to fruition.  

The ascendant and the sun sign are actually working together to achieve a blend or a balance.  For example, a gemini sun person (with natural powers of versatility) possessing a capricorn ascendant will work to put down firmer values or establish that versatility to something lasting or practical; career, family, business, or just the way in which they express a passion or strong absorption.  A sagittarian sun with an aries ascendant may be prompted to use distinguishing talent or knowledge in a braver or more innovative way, either for self development or more worldly campaigns.  These are only two examples.  There are obviously many more possible permutations of ascendant/sun sign effects.

The ascendant is extremely important in a birth chart. It is taken from the time of day in which the person was born rather than (in the the case of the sun sign) the day of the year. And people who don’t know their birth time will usually be asked to wait until the astrologer has done a rectification process or has dowsed to find out the time before a chart is erected.  Although sometimes a solar chart may be raised - this is a chart based on the noon day planets only, using the sun as a starting point for the first house instead of an ascendant.   The rising sign is a very powerful tool, but the sun sign is the heritage from which it will take its lead.  However, the ascendant may be weaker in some charts and stronger in others, depending on aspects to other planets.

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