Sunday 9 August 2009

Michael Jackson’s chart at the time of his death ....   

Born 29th August 1958.  11.53 p.m.  Gary. Indiannapolis.  (16 degrees Gemini Rising.  22 degrees Aquarius Mid-heaven)

For all the astrologically minded and for anyone interested in Michael Jackson’s death and the planetary aspects surrounding it.....

Transiting Mercury in Michael's chart was at 14 degrees gemini in the 12th house (by equal house system) just behind his 16 degree ascendant in gemini: hidden factors and motivators.

Mercury squared transiting Saturn in virgo and Saturn was cuspal between his 3rd and 4th house.  (Mercury rules physicians, friends and the mind - among other things and Saturn rules the body.)The cusp between the third and fourth is the line between the outer environment and the inner private domain, both literally and in the metaphorical sense.

Mercury in the 12th house suggests the possibility of unexpected callers or messengers, and - because of the gemini factor -persons in pairs.  Mercury is an instigator and rules both the issue and the bearer of any issue.  The issue being unknowable or unknown and Mercury lying as it did behind the ascendant. There was perhaps a two day window between the 24th and 26th of June when these unclear events could take place. 

Transiting Venus and transiting Mars were also in his 12th house, in taurus, so the possibility of male and female conspirators is not out of the equation. The 12th house is about secrets, classified information and things beyond normal control.  Low profile activity or subversive activity is given strong foundation by both the nature of the 12th house and Saturn entering the 4th.  

Since February 2008 transiting Neptune has been hovering on his Mid Heaven at 22 degrees of aquarius in his 9th house (finance and legality) and often in square to his natal Mars in the 12th.  This is suggestive  of subversive, undermining or undue influence affecting his estate or assets.  

Added to which on the day of the 25th transiting Uranus was conjunct his natal moon in the 10th (surprises from the outer world) and transiting Moon was conjunct his natal Uranus in the 2nd (money and possessions).   A double whammy, displaying the possibility of the sudden appearance of people with intent of theft, embezzlement or extortion.

Astrologically speaking, It is doubtful that Michael Jackson’s death was straightforward, natural or clear of nefarious circumstances.

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