Sunday 7 April 2024

Mercury/Aries Ret with Solar Eclipse ... striving against the odds ..

Mercury is retrograde in Aries until the 25th of the month. Venus and the Sun are also in Aries, although in direct motion. Better not to begin a process just yet. It may go wildly askew. 

Whilst the solar eclipse on the 8th April in Aries will eliminate the poorer parts and the poorer players from any game, the final score is not yet in view. Aries is fiercely competitive and even those without planets in the sign can be affected by the contentious vibration, no matter how subtle. Let new plans or proposals unfold and allow the process to suggest itself by the third week of May when Mars enters the second decanate of the sign and the clarity of who stands where, and what is what, is fairly indisputable. 

The tempo or mood of the notions, negotiations and ideas until the end of April at least prepare the way - and in many cases the terms - for what has to be maintained or fought for. Mars enters Taurus, and Venus and Mercury enter Cancer in mid June, with Jupiter then in Gemini, bringing a better tolerance and flexibility, and an overall stability to show what can be trusted to sustain.

Past battles surfacing, historical grievances, old wounds reopening… Old friends and allies reappearing. Aborted ventures or missions resurrected. Second chances. Regressive memories.

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