Monday 15 April 2024


April 2024 - the maverick month ...

the running order ....

Jupiter and Uranus are conjunct in Taurus between the 17th and 21st April. 

The Sun enters Taurus on the 20th of the month and squares Pluto in Aquarius. Whilst on the 24th of April the full moon is in Scorpio, ruled by Pluto. 

Mercury is presently retrograde in Aries until the 25th and has downed tools where connectivity is concerned. 

Mars in Pisces in the middle of April made a conjunction with Saturn, and then with Neptune in the last four days of the month: both with the potential to subterfuge taking some time to manifest .. if ever. Often with Neptune/Mars things are buried or disappeared forever.

The solar eclipse was in Aries on the 8th - and the energy of that is still having an effect.

Of this startling line up the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction is perhaps the one to watch. This aspect is possibly the single factor to triggering powerful climaxes and peaks - in small and larger ways. The shock factors manifest variously and in different areas, both personal and collective. 

Uranus disrupts and Jupiter enlarges … make your own conclusions. 

It tends to bring erratic energy and friction to an edge - sometimes with good motive or outcome, but that not always guaranteed.  

The upside is the positive element of change. One thing is certain in life: change must come. And never has change been so imminent and so necessary as now. 

The extremes posed by Pluto in Aquarius are not to be dismissed lightly. Pluto, the ruler of cycles, epochs, dominions of power and intrusive elements of physical dynamic.

The full moon in Scorpio, ruled by Pluto, can render financial and security-based issues finite at the point of arresting or pivotal power.  Cataclysmic shifts, pivotal peaks of momentum, and legislative procedure.  The movement of the planets affects all human behaviour, individual and collective. 

Those born under fixed Sun signs in the middle of the period (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) may feel the strongest effects in personal ways. Though what we do as individuals tends to be like ripples in a pond, and to reverberate in those around us. 

Uranus is synonymous with independence, freedom, liberty … and chaos. The positions of world leaders and people in positions of power can not be unaffected by this transit of Jupiter/Uranus.

Jupiter exaggerates or magnifies everything it touches. Taurus is concerned with joy and optimism and fecundity, and also with positive evaluation. Uranus in Taurus tears through the status quo, carves up the norm and loves to disturb convention. Revolution, values, assets .. all gross to the mill of Uranus in Taurus. … but just as likely in some situations is the effect Jupiter often has of causing a ‘storm in a teacup’.  

We have never lived in such a disposable and throw away era. What was large and dramatic news one week, can be diminished by the next bit of news - whether real or fake - and do we know the difference? So it becomes a moot point just how much sticks or what is believed. And what is believed and taken onboard becomes the rule. We can not overlook the fact that we are conditioned and engineered nowadays by media, and by other generic factors that did not exist fifty years ago. If something is true for you, it may not be true for the next person

It might even be true to phrase it this way : what do you wish to be true for you?

Use the energies and do not be overwhelmed or ruled by them. On the world stage, we live in a huge illusion.



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