Saturday 3 February 2024

ASTROLOGY IN BRIEF - Everything in Aquarius

Mercury enters Aquarius on Monday (5th) to join Pluto at nought degrees.With the Sun/Aquarius already shining light onto ambiguity or hidden conflict, the intervention of silent conflabs and off-the-record meetings stir the mix, until Mars enters the sign on the 13th to oversee necessary action. Much defection or turn-around within previous allegiances after the 17th when Venus enters too. And as Jupiter/Taurus - then squaring Venus and Mars - is in easy aspect to Saturn/Pisces, loyalties can be fickle or interchangeable and agreements unstable. Mercury/Pisces conjunct Saturn at the end of the month may completely obscure recorded fact or allow the re-writing of history in matters not backed by strong memory or independent validation.

Better to have: a second string to the bow, a get out clause, a plan b ready.  Big and small issues can disappear down rabbit holes and descend into obscurity. Chaos and confusion utilised as useful baffles … or simply the result of the incompetent and the flakey seizing power.  


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