Monday 19 February 2024


 The Sun entering Pisces now and moving up to Saturn in the next ten days offers the chance to see beyond the previous and current fog or overwhelm of heavy circumstances both little and large, personal and collective, as much of the confusion or obscuring clears. There is illumination to better navigation in the last two weeks weeks of this month when Venus and Mars in Aquarius are equal to dealing with the back situations and finding better position within the current problems. More expedient ways of seeing things - or maybe someone provides a stronger flashlight. Mercury entering Pisces in the last week of February helps relax tension .... although only those who can balance vision with insight, or memory with new data, may take the real advantages. Jupiter moving through Taurus then begins revealing the unchartered routes through dense territory, but Pluto gripping Aquarius and coinciding with the Equinox cautions on the need for strong back-up into the future, and certainty of intention.

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