Monday 23 December 2019

Jupiter into Capricorn - cautious optimism & careful accountability

Early December 2019 saw Jupiter leave Sagittarius and enter Capricorn for this next year. A distinct change of tempo and climate; a chillier terrain but one which brings firmer ground, sometimes solid as ice - and just as slippery - and sometimes as reliable as tarmac but liable to softening in warmer temperatures. Capricorn - cardinal earth - that vibration of capability, longevity and all things traditional becomes the basis or ground for situations transposed successfully from the fiery, mutable and often erratic territory of Sagittarius now take on a more solid or dogged character. Saturn’s own province of Capricorn is all about stoical and steely resolve and can be demanding or implaccable under duress. So not a time to force issues just yet, not a time to expect a heightened pace, until Jupiter has covered its first deconate of Capricorn after the third week of January, and possibly until Mars enters the sign in the middle of February, and even - at a stretch and to be on the safe side – when the planet has covered its first lap of Capricorn before retrograding in the middle of May. 

Jupiter softens or mellows somewhat the condituions brought about by the Saturn transit of its own sign in the last two year. Saturn is not set to leave Capricorn until March 2020, and then only until July when it moves back to oversee the completion of the harder or more uphill slog left over from some of the Herculean tasks it had set since the start of 2018. Finally in December 2020 leaving Capricorn for good and taking precedence in Aquarius. Jupiter, by this time, has brought much relief and its usual optimism and the means of relieving the relentless tensions and stresses where personal and non-personal conditions froze or hit deadlock. 

Jupiter moves through signs with superlative confidence; part of the characteristic earning it the title of the Greater Benefic. It sails into uncharted waters with panache and pours previously osbcured informtiion into the correct channels. It teaches and guides and always with a lighter touch. In Capricorn many life areas take advantage of Jupiter's goodwill; share prices, industry, minerals and matters pertaining to welfare and security, policing, government administration and far flung or remote and forgotten places.

The ultimate significance of Jupiter in Capricorn is fairness and integrity. Those with Jupiter/Capricorn in their natal charts often make things harder for themselves by refusing to take short-cuts or insisting on exacting terms during their quest for integrity, either their own or that of others. Capricorn loves to legislate and Jupiter loves to amend. 

The exacting disciplinarian meets the generous altruist and then planet and sign synthesise to gain the balance. The presence of Jupiter during the next twelve months gives us the light at the end of the assorted tunnels through which many of us have trudged and crawled since Saturn entered Capricorn and narrowed the pathways, or closed the access routes and made accountability the priority of progress. Not to be under-estimated the merging of the Judge (Saturn) and the Advocate (Jupiter|) should show us a lot about how we get the best from circumstances, no matter where we are or what we are aspiring to. Expansion into solid ground and only with proven method, could be the maxim for this Jupiter transit. 

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