Wednesday 26 February 2020

Going Wrong to get it Right .... much of Life is correct by default....

Experiences must be had … life must be seen, lived, explored. Naturally it means a lot of bad calls (when seen from the angle of logistics or common sense) and possibly poor judgements. Anything from dire mistakes to minor blips. Lot of them about. We no longer live in an age of 'structured rationale' - we live in an age of curiosity and breaking ground.

For sure, in certain life areas … raising families, taking out mortgages etc, we may err on the side of extreme caution, but as all life is a risk we cannot be sure whether the move we made was a good one or a poor one. It's a lottery. The more we make moves the more we are called to make moves. It's a perpetuating process .. some call it entering the adult world and others name it the rat race. Unless we go into retreats or organizations where our decisions are made for us we begin on the ocean of change and unpredictability the minute we leave school and take our first seasonal bus pass.

Knowledge and information is thrust at us from all sides. To experience life in the raw is to embrace all emotion and all sensation, not just the glorious and the good. The truth is that nowadays and increasingly we must walk on the wild side to get to the sunny side. And even then the sunny side may become boring. So we are prone to doing outrageous things, and stupid things and things which gain us a rep one way or another. The more successful we are the more we may be propelled to it. The more successful people become the more they need to buck the system. Maybe to lead the pack away from stagnation, but in essence to serve their soul needs.

Making mistakes, going wrong is part of a world of individuals carving out a name, setting markers and doing it for themselves. Someone always has to lose first off so others can eventually win. Being prepared to lose is the hallmark of a success. Not the end of their story but the sign of the grit it takes to get there. There can be no other way and nowadays the game is getting more interesting for everyone. If you have not taken a major risk by the time you are fifty you may never know what it is to exercise choice and grow from it. Setting aside the platitudes like: 'he who dares wins' or 'no pain no gain' etc - because that is not just what we are saying - it is an age when we do not stand still for very long, either as a collective, a partnership or an individual. Risk and change is forced upon us. It's the way it is and the way it is going to be.

So much of life is correct by default. It often goes wrong before it goes right!

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