Sunday 6 November 2016

The Mars-Uranus Square of Late October ….. forging progress from decline or downward spirals ..

The Mars/Capricorn and Uranus/Aries square began to bite in the second half of October and loses power by Tuesday 8th November, when Mars enters Aquarius.

The repercussions from this aspect are such that it’s difficult to realize what has actually happened until after the event. Capricorn loves to do things gradually and Aries loves to jump in. The overall result is a case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing … if one side is obdurate and a stickler for detail and the other is hot-headed with will power, then the two sides do their own thing regardless, hoping to arrive at the same destination. (depending on whether there are two sides, or whether in fact there is just one unit with various factions).

Only the transit of Mars in Aquarius through November and out until the third week of December will depict how far apart the factions are and how far they can go from the rumbustious joint efforts of the previous three or so weeks. A tussle between giants, or those strong in various ways? Or a cohesion of focused will power needing separate skill-sets and approaches?

Situations and issues of lasting value can benefit whilst those with less substance or validation can not. Naturally the conditions concerned are down to the attibributes of the people involved, but that said, the dynamic between these two plants (Uranus & Mars) tends to breathe life into wherever they are invited or whatever they grace, and issues of importance grow and move beyond the powers of the participants or the initiators.

The power of Mars & Uranus in these two vibrations lends the best to efforts with sustainability, or to emergency contingencies, brought about by motives for survival away from negative situations on downward arcs of decline. Mars-Uranus loves to trouble shoot, rescue & transcend. Only with the ability to do these things can the Mars-through-Aquarius motion be used fully to its best.

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