Monday 3 October 2016

This Vague Sense of Time Standing Still ….

  • Strange how in some areas of life we have this vague sense of time standing still – when we are not by-passing opportunities or deadlines for core desires and we are not aging – and yet we still hurtle about and jump mentally into the future before we have lived properly in the moment. We have this weird concept of what time is in relation to us, or what we are in relation to time. And perhaps we are not aware of it until we stop to consider or it’s made plain to us in some way. We see ourselves as standing like someone in a high wind, stolid against the force of change, while we believe that we need to rush into other scenarios and situations right in front of us and these situations are always the ones which are not of our choosing, or not really vital to our fulfillment; they are pressures from the outside, or from the past or from unconscious urges that supply a leverage towards unfoldment that we may not otherwise possess

  • In some sense it is true that time is split. Inner time and outer focus. Inner time exists with soul endeavor, or life purpose. This autonomous sense of purpose will not be moved from what we really need to do, and who we really are – and who we really are is ultimately what we do. The details of the current era pass and swirl around us, but the stolid need to experience in a certain way or reach a certain stage of achievement or have a type of sensation within environment or place remains as untouched by the detail of the mundane as an oak tree in a breeze. We have this idea of time standing still at the deepest level, at the purest of our core, and it is something we need to become aware of in order not to loose ourselves. We need to explore it and appreciate it and see what it says about us and how we continually speak to it without paying attention. In meditation we become listeners to it. In our love experiences it gains amplification. It is immortal and ignore it as we might it remains solidly true to us, this idea that in extremely crucial matters we can conquer time.


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