Tuesday 14 April 2015

Attraction in Action … thinking in light & dark

Do writers write about what they want to happen, or what they don't want to happen? Do painters paint what they loath or what makes them joyful? Surely it's something of both! Similarly we think of what we want and what we don't want. And when it veers drastically to one side or the other we may have problems.We think in light and dark, and that balance is necessary. So does the Law of Attraction work if we don't think absolutely positively all the time? if we don't have the radiance of angels and the docility of saints! Likelihood is it works all the time, and actually the balance is the only way it can work. It's called dynamic equilibrium. For every action there is an an opposite and equal reaction. Without it we cannot function, we cannot maintain our hold mentally and practically on this dimension.

Writers write about what they are fascinated with. Artists, musicians and lyricists create from what they are fascinated with. What they need to absorb and understand. What we are fascinated with varies on a gradient from dark to light and vice versa. We absorb both the light and the dark, we think of the negative as a means of escaping to the positive, and if we have too much of one the other beckons and takes over for a while so we might have balance.

Until recently modern metaphysics embraced the existence of the dark. It also understood a lot about the Law of Attraction, one of the great Universal Laws, something that has been talked of and written about for aeons of time. Now we have whole movements that purport and peddle the Law of Attraction as if it's just been invented. Anyone making the connection between this law and the Universal Mind or Jung’s theory of the collective unconscious - and there have been many people who have done this since time immemorial - knows that the human mind and spirit must understand the dark as well as the light in order to evolve and to maintain wisdom through balance.

Naturally it makes us feel better if we think positively and in terms of goodness or joy for most of the time. But because we are in the realm of Maya, where all illusion is possible, then it is quite impractical to imagine we can think in this positive way the whole of the time. The best we can do is to let the thoughts of the dark transmute into light, and if they are not held onto by judgement they will do so. It's obsessing or suppressing or overly fearing thoughts which keep them in the darker places. Because the darker places are part of our ancestral and spiritual journey and must be respected.

An analogy to make here is that if we are in a zoo, we do not attempt to stroke or pet a tiger the way we might a horse. It's quite ridiculous to consider. But still we respect and value the tiger as much as we may the horse. Thoughts are similar. They have a place, they offer an angle, they give a depth to our wisdom, whether they are light or dark, and often - like a toxic element that might cure by slight measure - they are necessary to the understanding of the whole. We do not have to cling to them, we might even judge them and dismiss them, but still they are ours to own, they are part of the road to what we are attracting because what we are attracting is being created from all there is, both light and dark. And what we set out to attract or create is no different in origin.

We are of the light and of the dark. We are seldom able to stand in the grey area or in the centre of the spectrum and say this is where I am stopping. The balance is the question of knowing the extremes of life and self.

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