Saturday 11 April 2015

In changing the unacceptable we realize we are not identical to anyone else … none of us live average lives ....

We none of us live average lives. Although it is a claim made by so many. We none of us live ordinary and unremarkable existences. We may think we do but we don't. By courtesy of our ability to see and perceive and react we none of us are identical to anyone else.

Often the only time we know we can create and interact with our outer life is when we are forced into corners and facing crises. It's easy to go back into default mode – which for many of us is about seeing what is in front of us and what we believe is nothing to do with us even whilst it forms our immediate environment. When we have to get creative on our own behalf, when we have to see beyond the edge of the box or the confines of the predicament, is when we feel the vibrational pulse that connects us to everything in the material world.

Some call it the Law of Attraction. Some call it being connected to source. Some just call it the buzz of adrenalin in panic mode. It is all these things and none of these things. It is the unquantifiable force reminding us that we have connection and we can make ourselves visible and accountable in the hologram we call the world. We can actually have a say in what happens to us. Even if it's only whether we go forwards or backwards or try to remain stable. The last two states are really not viable options, they are illusions formed out of our position within a densely physical situation usually. We can create what we need, even if it is only the next moment's inspiration, or the next hour's activities. And before we do all that we have to adjust the mind. If the mind is stuck, in reality our movement is stuck - deceptively restless and seemingly moving but stuck all the same. Going around the same material scene we previously created.

Taking an extreme case scenario: think of being on a narrow ledge on a mountain with the cliff face behind and the sea below and the horizon in front. We are marooned. Maybe we have two options - jump or wait. So in waiting we have multiple choices of how we think and how we connect to our higher or deeper selves. Loosely described, these are about the visualisation and imaginative senses that have seen many freed from impossible situations. To remain relatively untried and safe is to be somewhat smug - we cannot help being so; even when we are not doing so well we may remain wrapped in a blanket of protection which is relatively complacent. That blanket of complacency is the thing we need to shake if we are to move the vibration which elevates our thinking and our connectedness and gets us to the innovative space from where we know we can make things happen, (you have to experience this just once to understand it, but then it is done for all your time here). To know we make things happen is the first step. To believe in miracles is not mutually exclusive to knowing, it is inclusive, but we must put ourselves in the frame of it being possible first off.

Having witnessed people going right to the edge of ruin or catastrophe and then pulling back from the brink, it seems that may be the only way to cut the edge, to shake off the fog or the inertia and to feel the real self pulsing and flowing. Yet once done, it is experienced for all time. It is the known amid the mysterious laws of universal flow. It is the sacred step from which we venture each time we need to make a go of something, or change the impossible and the unacceptable, and break into new paradigms.

Changing paradigm is everything. Death is a change of paradigm, and more people are now realizing they don't need to die to change the paradigm, at least not in the finite sense that we believe death is. Actually we do not know what death is; we know what it isn't but we don't know for certain what it is and what it consists of for the person experiencing it.

So the change of dynamic from moment to moment constitutes new life, the start of new life, the breath of new beginnings. If we could take this slowly and day by day there would be no need to force ourselves to crisis, or the edge of disaster, there would be no need to sink into the abyss in order to rise again. We would just know how to monitor and change the frequency of our lives as we move through. We would not be in control of everything but we would be in control of how we dealt with everything. We would get to where we need to be in order to feel co-creative instead of passive. We would shake off the blanket of complacency which keeps us prisoners to the beliefs of others and the frameworks that don't work for us because they are not actually of our own choosing, let alone of our own making.

We might realize that a lifetime cannot possibly be ordinary, or average, except by our refusal to co-create.

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