Thursday 29 May 2014

Cartouche Astrology - Business Outlook

Mars is now picking up speed again in direct motion in Libra and is due to oppose Uranus/Aries in mid June.  This impacts on changes to businesses concerned with:


*Specialist Computer Programming

*Fashion Clothing
*Graphic Design

*Agricultural Machinery & Weighing Devices.

For these particular fields it's a time to test market or consumer reactions during the second Mercury retrograde motion in June, and to reassess facts in early July prior to entering new areas of presentation, distribution or merchandising as Jupiter enters Leo in mid July.
As  Mars exits Libra in late July to enter Scorpio it builds to a conjunction with Saturn by late August, so stronger holds on long term investment are probable, guarding against entailed or irrevocable clauses prohibiting asset movement, or flexibility of asset, by the end of the year.

A certain amount of austerity measure seen or applied in December/January can now be turned to advantage and capitalized upon.

As Mercury moves direct in Gemini in early July and joins Venus in the same sign there is greater emphasis on outsourcing or market referral agencies in connection with all the above mentioned industries, and these can take on new directions at a fair speed in September and October.

Further Business update end of June

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