Sunday 20 November 2011

Neptune Changes the Face of Group Activity Subtly from Within ...

As Neptune sweeps between Aquarius & Pisces the changing use of Group Activity or the way we see the group is quite marked...

Okay, so the age of Aquarius is a lot about ‘the group’ and group action and the combined energies of those on the same wavelength within any group or collective.   But the other part of the Aquarian energy often overlooked is the radical sense of the individual and their autonomous need to become a law unto themselves.  Even to the point of eccentricity ....  the outcast, the loner, the solitary activist. 

The more popular slant on Aquarius in this New Age, so called, is that of alining our principles and thoughts and actions with those of others. It is thought sometimes that the strength of the group gives the focus and the energy to whatever objective motivates the group.
But as Neptune now leaves Aquarius after twelve or so years and heads for its own sign of Pisces we begin to see the fragmentation of ‘the group’ in various forms and the ‘regrouping’ of collective numbers in favour of the individual need to honour their inner world and give it pertinent energy in the outside world.  Individual Creativity. 

More and more we see this ... in popular forms of entertainment, sport,  and certain forms of spirituality.  We live in the age of the social entrepreneur.

Of course groups will still form but the group itself (in the future) can only be as tenable and necessary as the strength of each individual’s endeavour or belief allows it to be; the group will need to serve the individual and not the other way around.  Another way to view it is that the individual will becomes quite naturally equal to the collective will and unless the group supports the individual the individual cannot support the group.  It is evident then that the group can no longer carry individuals who are not alined with the group consciousness. And this puts a radical new twist on personal integrity within group behaviour.

The evidence of the current dissolution of groups-for-the-sake-of-groups is all around for anyone who cares to look.  And if it sounds like a shift to massively selfish behaviour, it may also be a way of highlighting the kind of sycophantic urge of some to draw from a group on false pretences or for hypocritical reasons other than the main consciousness or focus of that group. 

Neptune entering Pisces - by courtesy of it’s nebulous element - will naturally call into question the integrity of people within groups . In commerce, in families, in political factions and religious areas and so on.  Anywhere where there is a collective for the sake of an ideal or a main value.

It is easy to see how the fragmentation of society can take place when large planetary influences move.  None more so than Neptune moving from the Uranus ruled Aquarius into its own gentler but less transparent wavelength of Pisces.  Creating the dissolution of associations that have held sway for long periods of time.  Whether they are personal or non-personal collectives.

Politics follows the individual's philosophy on a larger and transpersonal scale - if those individuals go to vote. But in the end the strength will lie with what the individual actually does and is allowed to do because of where they find themselves placed.  The movement of Mars through Virgo - November 2011 to July 2012 - is set to instigate the sorting of values within factions or loyalties. 

Is group based on loyalty or is it based on something else!  This is the big political hot-potatoe at present, not necessarily for politicians themselves, but for voters or those interested in what makes politicians and governments tick.  And it merely follows on from the whole issue discussed here.  Conspiracy theories aside, the history of human evolution on earth is not based on anything so well documented to date as power, greed and the occasional quantum leap in understanding by the few.  That is changing.

Whether we distrust groups or not, there is a need to look to the power of our individual belief and focus  - and to that mysterious thing called the ‘law of attraction’ and the unconscious forces of faith. 
The unconscious has a collective too, as any Jungian well knows, and in the end it is what we believe and truly believe that moves our destiny forward.  Both as individuals and as individuals contributing to collectives or groups.

n.b. Neptune is currently retrograde in the last degrees of Aquarius. It will enter Pisces fully in February next year.

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