Thursday 27 October 2011

In Real Time - the elasticity of purpose ...

Nothing happens for just one reason. To allow this to permeate the thinking, or simply to take it on board, is to see how diffuse time really is. And to understand it is to automatically make better use of time here in this dimension.  There is no effort involved; it is a mental shift only, but as the mental is creative it begins to shorten the length of development within certain issues and experiences.  In the area of problem solving for one thing, it becomes automatic that two or three minor problems get sorted within one big one.  Some people stumble on this information accidentally whilst others search to find it.  It has little to do with speed, or even with acuteness of vision, it has more to do with the idea of cause and effect and intrinsic or personal purpose.

A good example might be a family member needing attention or some other obligatory duty. This obligation fulfilled or catered to may be a way of preventing you from doing three other things, and those three other things being off the agenda might finally result in you doing only two of the other things.  And perhaps you then make a long term decision regarding the third eliminated thing.  Or maybe a decision regarding all three things together, consolidating or prioritizing through a different  agenda, but still a reshuffle diffusing results in time.

Results in time is a key: deadlines, sell-by dates; time decrements and that is the fact we tend to work with.  But is it right?

To take another generic example: someone gets on the wrong train and heads in the wrong direction and misses the estimated time of arrival at the other end, thus delaying the person picking them up, which in turn has a direct effect on the schedules and lives of a number of people connected with both the first and second persons mentioned   This then effects people connected with everyone concerned, either directly or indirectly, in ways that cannot possibly be known. It can be likened to so many ripples reverberating outwards from a central point in time. A point known variously by the people involved in or around the scenario described.  But there is never one central point, this is a variable depending on factors.

Nothing happens for just one reason.  Even very narrowed vision, thought and movement have ways of finding branch roads. And the branch roads often come upon us suddenly and unexpectedly when we’re least expecting them - and then we call it interference, disturbance or coincidence.   Nothing can occur alone, Nothing can happen randomly and nothing can happen from only one cause or lead to just one effect.
Of course, the ripples-in-a-pond-effect would support the free will of choice within multiple options.  If this were not so we could all be in perpetual repeats of the day before.  But most of us know that we are not; we choose, make mistakes, have regrets, re-choose, backtrack and try again. 

Nothing is unconnected, nothing is unsupported, nothing happens for only one reason.   Doesn’t that give us endless possibilities at all points! 

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