Sunday 4 September 2011

Talking of Rising Signs (Mutable)

Talking of Rising Signs .......

Mutable Quality …  Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces.

The Qualities can be too easily overlooked in astrology – they are the mode of expression the signs have: Cardinal, Mutable & Fixed. On the ascendant or rising sign they are as important as the Elements (fire, earth, air & water).

The ascendant is taken from the time of the day on which a person was born, rather the day of the year. The rising sign is what the person is becoming, the Sun sign is what they already are. For this reason the ascendant gives the greatest clue to the ways in which the person will change and gradually begin to approach life. It is very much to do with the Soul's Purpose.

Mutable ascendants are amenable and amicable to seeing all angles of a situation.  Mutablility on the ascendant is possibly the most complex of the Qualities and can lose direction most easily due to a liking for line of least resistance.

Gemini ascendant brings a divided pattern in the unfolding of the psyche, and gives a restlessness of movement in either the mental or physical capacity. Whilst being able to remain open-minded and embracing all life experience, Gemini rising is often distracted from its main focus too easily because of its hunger for variety.  Positive Mutable Air, Gemini rising is showing a need to have diversity and to understand the correct use of freedom. Unity within diversity is the hardest thing to pull together and this ascendent experiences problems with commitment through those dilemmas within its various life situations and scenarios. It wishes to remain free while being ‘wired in’ to whatever is going on.  Whatever the Sun sign and the rest of the chart, Gemini rising is learning to communicate the more extrovert part of its nature with better balance..

Virgo ascendants are concerned with their conscience in that they are discerning and thorough about life in ways which leads them to be critical, caring and fastidious.  They like to see loyalty and allegiance displayed in everything they do and will be genuinely offended when their personal values are not met. 
Virgo rising people seem to be mellow and self-effacing in all circumstances but often display the fiercest of opposition to unfairness or dishonesty and become dogged and difficult in times of personal confrontation.  Mutable Negative Earth, they are inclined to be either very trusting or very suspicious in varying degrees.  The quality of Mutability is seen at its most productive in Virgo because Virgo can put the cause first before its own welfare and truly wants to be of service in the best way it can to what it considers most meaningful.
Sometimes there is a morbid peoccupation with their own health or that of others.

Sagittarius on the ascendant, despite its Mutability, is the most daring or outgoing of all the ascendants.  Risk taking goes hand-in-hand with the adventurous side of Sagittarius, as does pleasure and enjoyment, and on the rising sign it is showing the need to venture farther than recent lifetimes might have permitted. 
Mutable Fire Positive, Sagittarius rising will push boundaries.  The inclination is to extreme passion within things undertaken.  There can be a careless or cavalier approach - depending on other chart factors.  For the more reticent or shy Sagittarius ascendants there is often a calling to dedication in some studious or cloistered pursuit which is none-the-less intense.
Sagittarius rising is often associated with emigration, travel and the propensity to end up in a country other than the one of original origin.

Pisces ascendant is the most mutable of all four. The Negative Water characteristics add to the Mutability, and combined with the Neptunian traits of its ruler give a yielding and often surreal overload to the character. With this ascendant the individual is either reluctant to face the harsher realities of life or seeks out creative and spiritual pursuits at the expense of more practical things.
Given to emulation, simulation and avid imagination, Pisces rising people can lose their own identity to whatever or whoever has the strongest influence upon them.
Pisces takes at least twenty minutes less to cross the eastern horizon in the twenty four hour day and therefore it is said that Pisces rising denotes a crucial stage within the soul’s purpose in any lifetime as fewer souls are reincarnated in that time slot.
People with this ascendant are capable of great sacrifice, or great artifice. It is a very difficult vibration to cope with, especially if the sun is in one of the positive signs.

More about the other Qualities Rising a few blogs further on.

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