Monday 11 April 2011

Déjà Vu is not so Rare an Occurence ...

Déjà vu is not so rare an occurrence ... the feelings give it away...

If we are to develop then playing it safe isn't guaranteed. We have to walk on the wild side now and then.

Sometimes things that are difficult at the start turn out to be the best in the long-run, like some people who we immediately dislike turn out to be the most valuable and dearest to us. But not always. It isn’t to say our instinct isn’t in working order, more that from a psychological perspective we unconsciously scan experiences from the beginning of any interchange and don’t necessarily cut to the the climax or denouement of the episode.

Talking reincarnation: the ‘between-acts’ or ‘between-lives’ pause may have occurred after a defined or pivotal turning point in relations with that person - a moment when they actually started to offer a positive note towards the vibrational atmosphere and we responded positively. And then suddenly the curtain went down. The physical interaction was terminated. Job done - for then!

It isn’t a question of good or bad: it is a question of what is resonating with a view to the development of the rays the soul and personality are trying to advance to. (There are seven rays underpinning the universal modus operandi. Seven pillars of wisdom pertaining to Universal Laws).

The fact that light exists means that dark exists, as a contrast rather than as an enemy force. The concept of good and bad are different in meaning to how they might be construed at this level of three dimensional existence. The reflection here may be of good or of bad, but the originating concept in the causal plane or the karmic sense is neither good or bad but just an extant rhythm - like an electrical current which can be tapped into safely or dangerously.

The things to look out for and to avoid at those times of potentially challenging experience, or the threshold of a new situation of importance, is the feeling of dread. That feeling of dread is different than the feeling of mere mistrust. It warns of what the unconscious already knows it can cope with (or not) and reveals the opposite of mutually cohesive and co-operative interaction - it says that history is so overloaded with negatives it may repeat itself at a high cost to our welfare or advancement. But sometimes we will do that thing anyway. Simply because we need the experience, or have opted to take the risk, or have decided to go in there to help someone else....the reasons are myriad, and they are karmically under-written into the 'new life policy'.


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