Tuesday 18 January 2011

A Few Words about the 13th Zodiac Sign ....let’s not get too carried away.

It has long been known that there is (or could be) a 13th sign - because the lunar calendar has 13 months. The lunar calendar was in force prior to the Romans under Julius Caesar.

Just a few years ago this 13th sign  was thought to be of the arachnid family in some quarters, and falling between Taurus and Gemini. .. anyone remember that? And this new one is thought to fall between Scorpio and Sagittarius.

People get very excited about these kind of discoveries, and very disconcerted; they feel they may have been cheated of their true astrological heritage or given a bum steer in past astrological readings etc. ... Not so! .... And why? ....

For starters, Astrology is not a physical science. Astronomy is a physical science (as much as any cosmology can be considered physical and not quantum) and we look to that for our tables. But astrology itself is a subtle counterpart of that.

Plus, good astrologers do not only consider the Sun sign They take into consideration the planetary system from the Sun to Pluto and lay it onto a grid known as the Zodiac. it is within the zodiac that the problem is arising. Not within the planetary system in use astrologically. Much of the depth information extracted from a chart is taken from the integrated chart, the whole thing considered as a unit of moving parts. Not just from one sign.

Many people consider the zodiac to be nothing more than a frame of reference whilst the real power lies with the planetary energies. The writer would tend to agree. The zodiac can be likened to a setting and location, whereas the planets are the interactive agents or actors.

It will take years of observation before we know what influence these new stars have on the rest of the zodiac.

The whole zodiac is a collective; one sign polarizes with and leads into another.

Astrology is about perception. Astrological data - although allied to historical theory - is open to interpretation.

A lot of what we may glean from this new star system (when we can table it) will be accessible in the meantime from other parts of the zodiac via planetary energy. Much of the valuable information from any astrological profiling comes from more than one source and is validated by more than one direction.
This is after all a code we are talking of in astrology, a way of deciphering higher energy merging with human energy.

We are in an intelligent and sentient Universe. There is cohesion and order and fusion. This new star system may not be live in the independent astrological sense at all yet. It may come to nothing.

Meantime, it is fun to speculate.

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