Monday 25 October 2010

The Power of Retrograde Venus in Scorpio is often not seen as a whole ... it is thought of as idle or absent but nothing is farther from the truth ...

Both Venus and Mars are alined in in Scorpio now, but Venus went retrograde on October 8th. This in many ways portends a deepening of what has gone before, a 'souping up' of situations or personal matters already simmering - being that the personal planets in Scorpio can hardly avoid bringing intense issues to your attention .... intrigue, embroilment, sometimes the unsavoury face of human desire .... there is nothing that Scorpio won’t delve into, whether you like it or not. So whilst the retrogradation of Venus is underway there is the need for the acceptance of what is usually unacceptable; the understanding of such matters become a foregone conclusion.

We don’t always want to know, accept or understand, but once past a certain point of evolution we opt for it without the volition of our conscious ego, and the process becomes almost one of higher or deeper initiation.
Venus is the utmost in Universal feminine rhythm, a yin vibration, a subtle and seductive power which often goes undetected for periods. Joined by the Positive and strident Mars she has the wilful ally she needs to work most powerfully.
Given that Uranus is closing chapters via its last trail through Pisces, but is also retrograde until mid November, we see sensitive and sometimes sad issues which are somewhat below the radar being forced upwards and onwards.

The darker side of our nature, the even more dreadful darker side of the nature of others, the underbelly of life.
Beyond the platitudes spoken of regarding Venus in scorpio there is a broken or wounded female vibration/pattern waiting to be healed, through re-enactment, emergence into light (another word for acknowledgement) and the awakening of the part of the human psyche where the power lies. It is psychosexual, it is transformative, it is unparalleled in terms of sheer unexplained magic.

Make of it what you may - not perhaps just what you will - and all should be revealed and set to a design by the end of November.

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